Do Online Singapore Sportsbooks Limit or Close Winning Accounts?


Let’s say you manage to get lucky and win big after a betting session, and it’s so big that you can already pay off most of your debts. Many bettors think that they are at risk of having their accounts closed when they win big or are winning too much after online soccer betting in Singapore.

Do sportsbooks limit or close accounts? Yes.

Will the online sportsbook you’re betting through close your account just because you won big? Yes and no, it depends.

Getting your account limited or closed is a legitimate concern that many bettors have. Sportsbooks typically close and limit accounts to keep people from exploiting them. This involves taking advantage of different odds, bonuses and promotions and using certain betting strategies to guarantee a profit. Like online casinos, sportsbooks will want to profit, so they don’t like bettors who win so much in the long run that the bookie loses money.

So, when will a sportsbook limit an account? And how can you keep your account from getting closed?

Top Reasons Why Sportsbooks Limit or Close Accounts

Closing betting accounts is normal for sportsbooks, and both small bookmakers and well-known big ones have done so multiple times. They have several specific reasons for doing so, ranging from an account having suspicious activities to violating certain terms and conditions. As a short version, sportsbooks typically close accounts that win so much that they can’t profit. This involves a lot more than just winning a lot, however.

You Win Too Much

As mentioned above, once a bettor wins too much, their account is a candidate to be limited or closed. Losing is normal in sports betting, so winning too much is highly suspicious to sportsbooks.

Betting operators want to profit and allow bettors to bet through them to make a profit, so it makes sense that they don’t want to lose a lot of money. Besides, they’ll only really lose a lot of money from one bettor if the bettor abuses bonuses and promotions, does arbitrage betting, or does matched betting.

The best way to not win too much is by placing multiple bets on different events and selections. This ensures that you will lose several bets and that sportsbooks can still make money off of you. Betting on hard-to-win betting markets like outright and correct score will ensure that you either lose or get extremely lucky. Practising bankroll management is necessary to limit your losses so you won’t lose too much money.

You Abuse a Sportsbook’s Bonuses and Promotions

Using promotions is an advice given to many bettors and is considered one of the dos of online soccer betting. Taking advantage of bonuses allows bettors to increase their potential winnings and even benefit from free bets. However, taking advantage of this too much might prompt sportsbooks to close or limit your account because you only want to use the bonuses to win big.

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Sports bettors must diversify their bets to keep the sportsbook from thinking that they’re advantage bettors. Casinos and sportsbooks hate advantage players, so don’t be one. 88ProAsia and 88PROBET offer multiple betting options, with several not being tied to bonuses and promotions. Among these options are the following:

If you’re an 88ProAsia bettor, you should consider playing other games to prove that you’re not an advantage player. Betting without the intent of meeting rollover requirements is also advisable. Betting only to take advantage of bonuses and promotions makes your account unprofitable to the sportsbook, so it’s best to avoid doing this.

You Ignore Bonuses and Promotions

You just read that abusing bonuses and promotions can result in your account getting closed or limited, so you decide to stop using them altogether. This is bad because then you’re telling the sportsbook that you’re a professional gambler who wants to beat the casino and the bookmaker. The sportsbook might then limit or close your account.

The safest way to bet is to use bonuses from time to time. This is important because professional bettors tend to only go to sportsbooks with a plan already in mind and only to compare odds and place an advantageous bet accordingly. They usually ignore promos because they don’t need them and won’t even try to meet the rollover requirement.

The advantage plays that bettors make will include arbitrage betting and matched betting.

You Use Matched Betting

Matched betting is a strategy of taking advantage of the bonuses of two different sportsbooks and betting on two different matches and all their potential outcomes using real money bets and free bets from a bonus to ensure the bettor makes a profit.

You can match bets by manually comparing odds and bonuses or by paying for subscription services to guide your bets. Such services tell bettors what bonus to take and what event and outcome to bet on. You should consider avoiding doing either to minimise the risk of an account closure.

You Use Arbitrage Betting

Arbitrage betting is a strategy of taking advantage of the odds of one match provided by two different sportsbooks and betting on both outcomes. This requires identifying a large gap in the odds difference between different sportsbooks and taking advantage of them by betting in a way that guarantees profit regardless of the outcome.

Sportsbooks hate arbing since they always lose money from it, so they’ll likely identify which bettors are using arbitrage betting and close or limit their accounts. One indicator that a bettor is arbing is that they bet non-rounded amounts, like betting $10.74 instead of a simple $10 bet, to take advantage of the different odds.

If bettors want to try arbing, they should consider doing it between an 88ProAsia sportsbook and Singapore Pools. Singapore Pools’ soccer odds tend to be different compared to a standard sportsbook’s, so using SG Pools as a potential arbing victim MIGHT keep bettors safe from getting their sportsbook betting accounts from getting closed.

Just to be safe, it’s best to avoid arbing.

You Have More than One Account

Having two accounts on one platform violates an online casino’s terms and conditions, resulting in the casino tagging the account as an organisational account. 88PROBET has the right to terminate organisational accounts. It’s okay to have multiple betting accounts, as long as you don’t have more than one in one casino or sportsbook.

Sportsbooks track IP addresses, so the account will be terminated if they find multiple accounts in the same IP address, in the same household, and/or using the same personal information. Sportsbooks also use trade secret methods to detect duplicate accounts, so it’s better not to risk making multiple accounts in one platform just to be able to hedge bets.

If someone else in your family or roommates wants to bet too, then it’s better to either stop them or move out since you’ll end up violating common gaming houses acts, and you might get in even more trouble, this time with the law.

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Your Behaviour Betrays You

Sportsbooks hate professional bettors since they always aim to beat the sportsbook. Professional bettors tend to use multiple betting strategies and systems to increase their profits.

One sign that sportsbooks typically keep an eye for when looking for professional bettors is the amount of time spent on their website. Rookie and casual bettors will hang around an online casino and sportsbook to check out different offerings and betting options. Professionals, however, won’t hang around to check things out and will likely immediately bet on specific events.

Never log in to the site to only place a single bet and leave. Stick around more and place other bets or simply take your time before leaving. This should be enough to keep the sportsbook from thinking that you’re a professional bettor. Also, don’t forget to use bonuses and promotions occasionally; there’s no harm in doing so as long as you don’t just bet while using bonuses.


Sportsbooks can close accounts, and they have every right to do so. This also doesn’t break any laws, especially since most Singaporean and Malaysian bettors will bet through online casinos in Singapore and Malaysia. They can’t report the casinos and bookmakers since the bettors will then be the ones to get in trouble.

If you want to win real money while enjoying betting, you’ll need to play as a casual bettor. Backing favourites, making occasional risky bets, and looking around for other events and even the casino games on the website are the ways to go. Place bets to have fun and try not to become a habitual gamer to keep your account safe from getting closed and avoid getting in trouble with the authorities.