Soccer Betting: The Do’s and Don’ts of Online Soccer Betting


Soccer is among the most popular sports that Singaporeans and Malaysians love to watch and bet on. This comes as the game is widely available and has plenty of tournaments and games. In fact, punters can watch FA Cup, the UEFA Europa League, the UEFA Champions League, Copa America, the FIFA World Cup, the UEFA, the Premier League, and European Championship, among others.

Accordingly, with the many soccer championships and games happening year-round, bettors are also given an abundance of matches to bet on. And bettors can even bet on most of these matches when they opt to use online betting platforms for their betting activities.

Nonetheless, bettors should also be cautious when partaking in football betting in Malaysia and Singapore. Similar to the traditional forms of betting, there are also some risks involved when betting online. Here are some things bettors should do as well as those they should avoid doing when engaging in online soccer betting.


Build a Bankroll

For bettors to have a successful soccer betting journey, they first should build a bankroll and implement a money management plan. Setting a gambling budget or creating a bankroll allows bettors to stay disciplined with their betting activities and behaviours. This also enables them to avoid experiencing financial consequences such as losing too much money they could not afford to lose, facing debts, or worse, bankruptcy.

Make Use of Bonuses and Promotions

Most sports betting sites offer various bonuses and promotions to encourage existing customers to keep using their platforms and entice prospective clients to try out their site. Making use of these rewards can provide some genuine added value to the betting experience and winnings of bettors.

Moreover, redeeming bonuses and promotions once in a while can help bettors prevent their accounts from being flagged, limited, or closed by their bookmaker. Many online sports betting sites most often flag people who ignore and do not use the offered rewards. They usually tag those not using the bonuses as potential professional bettors – which are the ones they generally do not want as they deem these bettors as risks to their businesses.


While betting is often believed to be dependent on luck – for the most part – it does not mean that bettors should just randomly pick who they think will win a soccer match. When choosing the team or individual player to bet on, bettors need to consider various aspects, such as records of game statistics, goals/points scored, and records of player injuries.

Bettors must do extensive research to make informed bets and increase their chances of winning. Accordingly, thanks to the abundance of resources and information on the internet, they can easily and more conveniently gather the data they need to make betting decisions.

Watch Line Movement

Line movement pertains to the fluctuations in Singapore soccer odds or the point spread from when the bet opens to when a soccer match is held. This occurs as a reaction to various factors – mostly by the value of money placed on one side of the bet. But injuries, team suspensions, weather, travel conditions, or even leaks of a team’s strategic game plan also cause line movement.

Bettors must pay close attention to line movement as this can help them know the best time to place their bets. They can utilise the line movement to their advantage and maximise their betting profits.


Chase Your Losses

Bettors need to be realistic with their expectations and be able to accept the result of a game or betting event. This can help them limit the pressure they put on themselves – reducing their likelihood of betting on more games and spending more of their bankroll on wagers. When bettors are at a disadvantage, placing more bets (to earn back what they have lost) can lead them to lose more of their money than they intended to.

Bet on Your Favourite Team All the Time

Making rational betting decisions results in successful betting. However, it can be difficult for some bettors to be objective enough in placing bets when their favoured team is playing on the game they are betting on.

Bettors should avoid wagering on the team their heart wants. Instead, they should bet based on research. Gathering information on the teams playing can help bettors place logical bets and increase their chance of winning. This also gives them a chance of taking advantage of an underdog’s long odds and winning big.

Bet Emotionally

Apart from objectively choosing which team to bet on, bettors also need to keep their emotions in check and avoid betting when they are feeling emotional. They should not let a winning streak bring them to over-extend themselves and their budget. Consequently, bettors also should not let a losing streak throw them off or drive them to chase their losses.

Placing logical bets based on research enables bettors to create realistic expectations and be more disciplined with themselves when a sporting match or betting event turns the other way around.

Choose an Unreliable Betting Site

Not all sports betting sites are of the same standards. Some are legitimate and reliable in offering betting services; others are just created to scam bettors of their money.

Therefore, when bettors decide to begin their soccer betting journey, they must consider which among the many sports betting platforms on the web to use for their activities. Choosing an unreliable website can hinder them from getting the best soccer betting experience and increasing their profitability in betting. 

There are some ways to check if a website is legitimate or not. Genuine sports betting platforms are fully functional and secure. These also have identifiable licenses, sufficient business background information, a responsive customer support centre, and reasonable terms of service.

In contrast, fake and unreliable sports betting websites have poor web design and offer too good to be true betting odds and bonuses. Such platforms also frequently change their web addresses and terms and conditions and often delay payments or audit user accounts.

Where can you start betting?

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