Different Bet Types: What is Outright Betting


Bettors can bet on different things once they’ve registered in a trusted online casino in Malaysia and Singapore with access to great game providers. The best sites will likely have multiple sportsbooks available on the site, including CMDBet, M8Bet, United Gaming, and others. These game providers provide different odds on sports events and even feature different events.

These sportsbooks will generally offer the same betting markets with minor variations, and one of these markets is the outright market. Outright betting allows bettors to bet on future outcomes of sports leagues and award ceremonies.

CMDBet’s odds on BBC Sports Personality of the Year.
CMDBet’s odds on BBC Sports Personality of the Year.

Bettors can check out different sportsbooks and see what events are covered in the outright market per sportsbook. M8Bet offers fewer selections than CMDBet, and United Gaming’s selections are dependent on the sports they offer. While some of these sportsbooks might have fewer selections, they are still far more impressive than what Singapore Pools typically offers, which usually revolve only around a few select soccer/football leagues.

image 11
Some of M8Bet’s odds on the UEFA Nations League 2022/2023.

image 12
Singapore Pools’ only current outright odds as of writing.

While M8Bet offers odds for other events and results, Singapore Pools only focuses on a select few leagues. Sportsbook betting in Singapore will give Singaporean bettors more options than when betting through Singapore Pools.

Things to Remember when Using the Outright Betting Market

Automatically Betting on the Favourites is Not the Best Move

Using the outright market is risky since bettors will have no guarantee that even betting on the favourite will result in a win. In the previous English Premier League season, Manchester City was the favourite to win, and they did win the league, but it’s not a good idea to just back them. In the 2015/2016 season, Leicester was an underdog for the EPL title with odds of 5,001, but they won the season, and UK bookies had to pay out a total of £20m after Leicester City’s miracle win.

One bettor who bet on Leicester City winning the 2015/2016 EPL season won £200,000 from a £100 bet. The anonymous bettor likely placed the bet when the odds were 2,001, but imagine if they bet when the odds were 5,001. They would’ve won £500,000, and high rollers would have won more if they did so.

image 13
CMDBet’s current odds on the 2022/2023 EPL season, featuring the Winner and To Be Relegated selections.

As seen above, Manchester City is still the favourite for this season after two years of winning the league back-to-back. However, if other teams like Chelsea, Liverpool, Tottenham, Manchester United, and other teams get their acts together, anyone who placed large bets on Man City winning might lose a lot. Hedging bets by placing a small initial stake, then religiously monitoring the league and the odds, and then placing a bet accordingly is advisable.

Compare Different Sportsbooks’ Odds and Betting Options

Bettors should check different sportsbooks, and they might see different bet options depending on the sportsbook. Among these betting options include the following:

  • English Premier League 2021/2022 Winner
  • English Premier League 2021/2022 – To Be Relegated
  • English Premier League 2021/2022 – To Finish Bottom
  • English Premier League 2021/2022 – Top Goalscorer

Other sportsbooks might try to expand their betting options by offering selections on what team will join the Top 4 Teams, Top 6 Teams, To Finish Outside the Top 4, and To Finish Outside the Top 6.

Consider the Tournament/Event Duration

The odds can change, as seen when the Leicester bettor placed a bet on Leicester when the odds lowered from 5,001 to 2,001. Singapore Pools live betting and betting live through sportsbooks will allow bettors to be paid out instantly when they win their bets, but bettors will need to wait for months or weeks when using the outright market. Some bettors even placed futures bets that took years before they got paid out, and the timing of placing the bets will influence how much they get paid out.

When betting through CMDBet, M8Bet, and United Gaming, bettors should consider hedging their bets by placing an initial bet and placing another bet several months later, as mentioned above. Besides hedging, bettors can also simply monitor how the participants in a sports league will perform, and the odds change before placing a bet.

Monitor Personnel Changes and Injuries

While a tournament is ongoing, football clubs might sign new players to their ranks or have some key players’ contracts expire. These player changes can be instrumental in a football club winning or losing the league. Cristiano Ronaldo’s transfer to Man United was thought to be the reason for United to win the 2021/2022 EPL season as he was the last piece of the jigsaw, but his transfer alone wasn’t enough. However, it might have been enough to get people to bet on United, and what if it WAS really enough? Then those bettors would have likely won big.

Apart from transfers, key players can also get injured during the duration of the league, and their injuries can hamper their respective teams’ performance. A top goalscorer getting injured will keep a football club from scoring goals, and goals are necessary for an FC to win a match.

Switch Things Up for a Change of Pace

Unlike Singapore Pools, sportsbooks typically offer odds on more events besides football and motor racing. Malaysian and Singaporean bettors can bet on other sports, like tennis, boxing, rugby, and even events in the entertainment category.

image 14
United Gaming’s outright odds on motor racing events.
image 15
CMDBet’s outright odds on the Julio Cesar Martinez Aguilar VS McWilliams Arroyo boxing match for both the Method of Victory and Round Betting.

CMDBet’s outright odds on the Julio Cesar Martinez Aguilar VS McWilliams Arroyo boxing match for both the Method of Victory and Round Betting.

By betting through different sportsbooks, bettors can see different betting options that may be more enticing and exciting to them. This is useful when sportsbooks aren’t still offering odds on a particular league and also when betting for fun.

Pros and Cons of Outright Betting


  • Higher odds than on regular match bets, especially when betting early
  • More exciting than regular match bets


  • Not enough outright bet selections on minor leagues
  • Long waiting time

How to Win Outright Bets?

Because outright betting is different from Moneyline betting in that it takes a long time before bettors can cash out their winnings, it’s best to try and take advantage of long odds by researching and predicting if a football club can perform exceptionally in a league. If bettors believe that Ronaldo may be able to perform better this season since he’s already integrated into the team, then they should take advantage of the 21.00 odds and place a reasonable bet. It’s the perfect time before the odds drop.

Research is crucial in outright betting, and bettors must do their due diligence and research on the likeliest outcome, even before the league has started. If bettors don’t want to research, then they should monitor how the odds change and bet accordingly.

Bettors should also consider placing the occasional risky bet, even if they stake as little as $1 on high odds. If they get lucky on a selection with 2,001.00 odds, then that’s still $2,001 in winnings. A $5 bet on 501.00 nets a total payout of $2,505.


Outright bets are exciting and risky bets that have the potential to lead to large winnings. While it’s rare to win hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars, it’s still a possibility as several people already won. Bettors in other countries even won big by betting on a kid to becoming a world champion racer or even a toddler grandson to play professionally eventually.

Bettors should consider betting on the outright market if they want to win big without risking a lot in parlays. Different sportsbooks will have different options, so bettors should look around when looking to bet on something. Of course, this requires bettors to register on a reputable website for online sports betting in Singapore and Malaysia.

88ProAsia is one of the top online casinos in Singapore and Malaysia to register and access exceptional sports betting providers. Comparing the different odds and selections of these sportsbooks will give bettors more variety in their betting experience, making it more fun to place bets on certain outcomes that Singapore Pools won’t likely cover.

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