What You Need to Know About Betting in the English Premier League


The popularity of soccer in Southeast Asia has significantly increased over the decades as more and more sports fans begin to recognize the game’s greatness. The best clubs and players of the sport greatly added to the appeal of soccer in recent years, leading to soccer becoming one of the most played sports in the region. In addition, the improved broadcasting of top football leagues has helped convert many individuals into fans of the sport.

And among the top soccer tournaments worldwide, the English Premier League (EPL), England’s top football competition, is probably the most famous. The EPL is considered the most competitive as it also surpasses any other league financially. The competition is the home of some of the biggest clubs and best players around the globe, which is why there is no wonder why many fans worldwide tune into the tournament every year.

But apart from football fans, the EPL also attracts countless sports bettors looking to make extra money on the side. Like other sports, the EPL offers many betting options that can provide gamblers with different payouts and experiences. Soccer betting in Singapore and Malaysia can add an immense amount of excitement to every match and will allow punters to make a profit when their bets win.

So, if you are looking to start your EPL betting journey and are still unfamiliar with how you can place your wagers, here are the things you need to know that can help improve your EPL betting experience.

Brief EPL History

Despite becoming the most viewed football competition worldwide, the Premier League is the youngest tournament among the top five European soccer leagues. Founded in 1992, the Premier League is the result of the leading English clubs wanting to break away from the “English Football League,” the last top division of football in the country, and is now managing the second, third, and fourth divisions of English football.

Twenty-two teams became the inaugural members of the EPL in 1992 and were later reduced to 20 clubs during the 1995-1996 season. Since then, only six teams have managed to stay in the top division, while 50 teams have already played in the EPL, all of which provided a handful of memorable games in years.

Among those clubs, only seven teams managed to win the prestigious trophy in the past 30 years. One of those seven teams, Blackburn Rovers, is not competing in the EPL for the past ten seasons. A handful of clubs are labeled as “The Big Six,” which are pretty much the biggest clubs in the EPL. This group consists of Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham, and Liverpool. Only Tottenham could not win the EPL in their thirty years in the league.

The Format

Like most soccer tournaments around the globe, the EPL operates in a double round-robin system, where each team plays other teams in the division twice from August to May. Every win would give teams three points; a draw will give both teams a point each, while a loss means no points will be added to the losing team. At the end of the season, the team with the most points will be declared the season winner.

If there are teams with tied points by the end of the year, those with a much better goal difference will be ranked higher. If the teams are still tied, the placement will be determined by the goals scored by each team. If it is still not resolved, and if the teams tied are either vying for the trophy or are avoiding relegation, a play-off match will be held at a neutral stadium.

Since there are multiple divisions in English football, it is vital that you also understand the rules of promotion and regulation. The last three teams in the league table once an EPL season ends will end up being relegated to the second division, which is known as the EFL Championship. They will be replaced by three teams from the Championship, composed of the top two clubs and the winner of a play-off between the squads ranked from third to sixth.

Betting in EPL

With football betting in Malaysia and Singapore gaining traction in the past decade, sports bettors must be thoroughly prepared before placing their wagers on various betting options. Thorough research can be a game changer when betting in different EPL categories, allowing anyone to increase their chances of winning.

Some of the most popular betting options in the tournaments fall under EPL match betting and EPL futures betting. EPL match betting means placing bets on different things that might happen during a particular game, such as who will end up winning the match, how many goals would be scored, or which player/s will score the goals. On the other hand, futures betting refers to placing wagers on the outcome of future events. This includes the tournament’s winner, the top goalscorer, and the team to finish bottom.


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Essential Strategies to Maximize Your Bets

The competitive nature of the EPL makes it one of the most unpredictable football leagues worldwide, with upsets becoming a regular thing in the competition. This is why having reliable strategies can significantly help anyone when betting in EPL, especially for beginners.

Below are some techniques that you can use to help you get started with your EPL betting journey.

Learn the Betting Options

You must have a complete understanding of the technicalities of the different betting categories you can try. This would allow you to know which betting option can satisfy your needs and potentially allow you to make a profit. Here are some of the usual EPL betting markets you can try in many sportsbooks online.

  • 1×2 Bet – betting on which team will win or if the game would end up tied
  • Draw no Bet – choosing between the home or away team to win; the bet will be refunded in full in case of a tie
  • Over/Under – bet on whether the total score will be over or under the score set by the sportsbook
  • EPL winner – placing a bet on a team whom you think will win the trophy
  • Team to Finish Top Four – placing a bet on a team that you think will end up in the top four on the league table

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Research About the Clubs and Players

Probably the most crucial part before you start betting in EPL is that you have a background about a team’s history and how they performed in recent years. A team’s previous performances can give you an idea of how they stand against other teams in the league and will also allow you to know if they made changes to their teams or not. This would also let you know the rivalries, which usually lead to intense and unpredictable matches.

In addition, you must also have adequate knowledge about a club’s current roster. From the managers to the substitutes, it would greatly help if you knew which players are on each team. This is also vital as having the star players does not immediately lead to the clubs winning their fixtures as playstyles, strong and weak sides, coaching, and squad depth can influence a game’s outcome.


September 15, 2022, Top 10 EPL Standings

As of September 15, 2022, Arsenal is sitting at the top of the 2022/2023 league table, getting 15 points in six games. They are closely followed by Manchester City and Tottenham, both having 14 points, while the current surprise of the season, Brighton Hove and Albion, has 13 points. Some of the best players are also showing off early in the season. Manchester City’s world-class striker Erling Haaland already scoring ten goals in six appearances, while his teammate Kevin De Bruyne already has 4 assists.

Closely Follow the Season and Don’t be Biased

Looking at stats and Singapore soccer odds can already give you enough knowledge about how the games are played. However, watching the game can provide a different type of insight you can only acquire by watching the match. If you do not have access to services that broadcast the entire game, there are various resources online that you can go to so you can watch highlights of the match.

Doing this regularly and following other things that transpired during the season can make a difference in the long run. Also, although tuning into a sports tournament would always result in people adopting a favorite team or player, being biased and always betting on them is not recommended.


Betting on the English Premier League is fun to bring more intensity to every match. But if you are just starting your EPL betting journey, it is crucial that you must have extensive preparation before placing wagers to maximize your betting budget. Apart from the information above, another reliable strategy when betting in EPL is to find a reliable online casino platform that can help you achieve an optimal EPL betting experience.

88ProAsia is a trusted online casino platform that can help you efficiently place bets on your favorite Premier League teams and players. They have a vast catalog of online casino games and sportsbooks that you can enjoy with bonuses and promotions.

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