Soccer Betting: Soccer Betting Markets for Advanced Bettors


It is known that soccer betting in Singapore is a widely popular activity that most bettors enjoy for its profitability. With countless Football leagues, cups, and tournaments. Major or not, there is always a lot to enjoy. Many bettors can have the opportunity to not only enjoy the matches but also to acquire a good amount of cash in case of winning.

Which is why advanced bettors take soccer or sports betting seriously on a different level. These advanced bettors aim to profit from the winning bets they make using various methods, including intensive research and analysis of each team, player, and match to increase the chance of winning bets.

Unlike beginners and casual bettors who play around the easiest betting markets, advanced bettors stakes on some complex soccer betting markets. More specifically, here are the top 5 betting markets for advanced bettors.

Half-time/Full-time market

In this soccer betting market, the bettor must be able to predict both half-time and full-time match results. Unlike half-time bets, where the only important goal is to predict which team will have the first half of the match, the half-time/Full-time betting market requires both half-time and full-time bets as a combination. The betting options can be listed in the sportsbooks as:

HHHome win and Home win
HDHome win and Draw
HAHome win and Away win
DHDraw and Home win
DDDraw and Draw
DADraw and Away win
AHAway win and Home win
ADAway win and Draw
AAAway win and Away win

Here is an example from CMDBet:


Each available bet is a combination of half-time and full-time results. This means the prediction should be highly accurate to win and profit from the odds offered. Therefore, mostly only advanced bettors who can deeply research and analyse every match take on this specific betting market.

For instance, if a bettor accurately predicted a straight draw or DD for both half-time and full-time results staking a $100, the total return will be $471. However, if it turned out to be DH or Draw and Home win instead of straight Draw or DD, it will be regarded as a lost bet even if the bettor had a correct guess for the first half result.

Asian Handicap

Asian handicap in football betting is a famous two-way betting market. Despite being a popular football betting market, this is one of the most complicated betting markets for its handicap system, which can confuse beginners and casual bettors. As the name says, in this betting market, the bookmakers apply handicaps or a disadvantage to the favourite teams and hand the underdog teams a slight advantage. This handicap will increase the thrill for makes it difficult for bettors to pick a team to bet on.

Bettors will only win the bet for the favourite if the favourite wins the match with a certain margin of goals that the bookmaker has predicted. If a bettor staked for the underdog, the underdog should either win or lose by a specific goal margin. To better understand, here is Singapore pools football betting odds for the Asian handicap market on a match between Linfield vs Bodo Glimt.

image 1

In this example, the favourite, Bodo Glint, received a handicap of -1 while the underdog Linfield got an advantage of +1. If a bettor is to bet for Bodo Glimt, the team must win at least two goals for the bet to win. However, if Bodo Glimt only wins by one goal, the result will be a draw, and the stake will be refunded. If a bettor is to bet for Linfield, they need to win the match or make it a draw. If Linfield loses the match by one goal, the stake will be refunded.

European Handicap

Also known as a three-way handicap, it has the same mechanics as the Asian handicap, except it has three betting options. These three betting options are home team win, away team win, and draw. To better understand, here is an example from CMDBet.

Albirex Niigata (Home)
Fagiano Okayama (Away)

image 2

In this match, the home team is superior, so the sportsbook allotted a -1 handicap. If a bettor were to stake on the home team, they would have to win the match by at least two goals for the bettor to win. If a bettor puts money on a draw, the home team must win by one goal. If the bettor bets for the away team, given a goal advantage of +1, they must either win, end the match with a draw, or lose by one goal.

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Exact Total Goal

In this betting market, bettors need to predict the exact total goal of a certain match. While it may sound pretty straight forward, accurately predicting the total goal is a very complicated task. It requires heavy research for both teams playing to assess their capability in scoring goals. It demands great amount of time and attention which most of the time, only advanced bettors are capable of. Here is an example of Exact Total Goal from CMDBet:

Sao Paulo SP vs America Mineiro

image 3

Since predicting which team wins is already irrelevant, the bettors only need to predict the exact accumulated score of both teams. If a bettor stakes $100 for a prediction that there will be a total of 4 goals at the end of the match and it wins, the total return will be $700.

Correct Score

In this football betting market, bettors must accurately predict the ending goal result of a soccer match. Although it can sound like a straightforward betting market, accurately predicting the end goal result of a match is a rather tricky task. This requires deep research and thorough analysis of both teams and each player. Here is an example from CMDBet:

image 4

In this match, there are 25 score prediction and odds. AOS stands for “Any other scores” meaning it covers any score not written in the sportsbook. Betting in this soccer betting market is easy. What makes this complicated is the endless possibility of the correct final score. Advanced bettors are attracted to this betting market due to its higher odds offering compared to other markets.

For instance, if a bettor is to stake a $100 to 4-4 prediction, meaning the match ended with both teams scoring 4 points,  and wins, the total return will be $2,300. If a bettor staked a $100 to 4-3 prediction, meaning the match ended with Hokkaido with 4 points and Nagoya with 3 points,  and wins, the total return will be $1,600.

Sports bettors have the option to bet on the relatively easier Half Time Correct Score market if they want to reduce the difficulty of betting on Correct Score.


Singapore football betting can be for everyone. Not just for sports fans and casual bettors but also for advanced bettors seeking more thrill and significant returns. Luckily, advanced bettors can enjoy many football betting markets, such as Halftime/Full time, Asian handicap, European Handicap, and Correct Score betting markets. And since advanced bettors prioritize the quality of odds and level of security when betting, it is important only to use the best online betting site.

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