Soccer Betting: Soccer Betting Markets for Beginners


Soccer, also known as football in most countries, is undeniably one of the most popular sports worldwide. Since soccer has millions of fans worldwide, it has become very profitable for bookmakers, sports fans, and sports bettors. This is true, especially for soccer betting in Singapore, where many people place bets through Singapore Pools and sportsbooks and their selection of betting markets.

With the thriving state of soccer betting, many football fans and rookie bettors are attracted to the chances of winning a good amount of cash while enjoying their favourite sport. However, soccer betting can be confusing because it has many betting markets, with a lot of them being too advanced for beginners.

But of course, most beginners will find some markets easy to deal with. But before all that, let us talk about the betting market.

What is a Betting Market?

To put it simply, betting markets show a match’s possible results. Each betting market focuses on different elements of a match, such as the winning team, finishing order, the final total score and many more. Betting markets can be divided into hundreds in a soccer match depending on the bookmaker’s capabilities. In betting markets, odds are offered on different outcomes that the market features. It is also a way to help bettors determine where they would like to put their wagers. To have a better picture, here are some betting markets for beginners.
Beginner-Friendly Markets

1×2 betting market

This betting market is considered one of the easiest markets to understand. Unlike other betting markets, 1×2 has three choices to bet on. However, since it has more than the usual choices, it is expected to have slightly lower odds than other markets with two choices or possible outcomes to bet on. The three choices are 1 = home win, x = draw, and 2 for away win. The bettors only need to predict whether the home team wins the match accurately, the away team wins, or ends with a draw. To better understand, here is an example from M8Bet.

image 2

In this match, Senegal or the away team is the underdog with odds of 5.30 for winning. The basic rule suggests that the less likely it is to happen, the higher the odds. If a bettor is to stake $100 for the away team and wins, the total return will be $530.

If a bettor predicted the match to end with a draw and staked $100 to x with the odds of 3.70 and wins, the total return will be $370.

Double chance

Just like the previous betting market, double chance is also one of the beginner-friendly markets for its simplicity. It is also one of the most popular betting markets in soccer betting. As its name suggests, this betting market offers two combined possible outcomes in one bet.

There are three possible outcomes in a football or soccer match: win, lose, or end in a draw. In some betting markets, bettors can only stake on one outcome. However, the double chance betting market allows bettors to stake on two possible outcomes in one bet, reducing the chances of losing bets. But just like the 1×2 betting market, the odds can be slightly lower since this market gives a higher chance of winning. There are three options that bettors can stake.

  • 1x for a home win or draw
  • 12 for home or away win
  • 2x for away win or draw

To have a clearer picture, here is a double chance match odds offered by M8Bet.

image 3

In this match between Netherlands as the home team and Senegal as the away team, the odds for 2x which is away win or draw is high. If a bettor is to stake $100 dollars on 2x with the odds of 2.18 and wins, the total return will be $218.

If a bettor firmly believes that one of these two teams will win the match and staked $100 to home or away win and it wins, the total return will be $124.

If a bettor predicts that Netherlands will either win or it will end as a draw, the bet will bet at 1x for $100. If the bet wins, the total return will be $113.


This betting market is a very beginner friendly market for its simplicity and straightforward rules. In this betting market, the only goal is for the bettors to accurately predict if the total goals of the match will be over or under the predicted total goals of the sportsbook and who the winner of the match will be is irrelevant.

Bettors can focus on a single objective which is predicting if the total goal is over or under the sportsbook prediction. To better understand, here is a Singapore Pools football odds for total goals over/under 2.5.

image 4

In here, Singapore Pools predicted that the total goals for Kashima vs. Hiroshima match will be either over or under 2.5 goals. If a bettor predicts that it will be over 2.5 and stakes $100 for it and wins, the total return will be $193.

Both teams to score or BTTS

This betting market can be used by almost every bettor and is considered as one of the most popular soccer betting markets. Just like Over/Under betting market, the winner of the match is irrelevant. The only objective for bettors in this market is to predict if both teams will be able to score or not, easy as that. Here is the BTTS or Will Both Teams Score odds offered by Singapore pools.

image 5

Singapore Pools and sportsbooks offers only two betting options for BTTS, a Yes and a No. In this offer for Frankfurt vs. Munich match, the odds for both teams scoring is 1.37 while the odds for both teams not scoring for the whole match is 2.70. It is clear that Singapore Pools suggests that both teams will most likely score a goal each in the match. If a bettor is to stake $100 for No team to score and wins, the total return will be $270.


Soccer betting is a very lucrative activity practiced almost worldwide. It attracts a lot of sports fans and bettors who aims to add more thrill and a chance of getting quick cash while enjoying a soccer match. With so many betting markets per match to bet on, it can be confusing for beginners where to start from. Since many betting markets can be complicated, it is always advisable to start from the simplest betting markets such as 1×2, double chance, over/under, and BTTS or both teams to score. Make sure to do proper research before trying new betting markets to have a better understanding and increase the chances ow winning bets.

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