Debunking the Most Common Gambling Myths


Gambling has been around pretty much as far as human history. Casino gaming is among the gambling activities that continue to strive today, with numerous classic casino games developing tremendously with modern technology.

But while casino gaming continues to rise in popularity, myths and false beliefs are also increasing. Some misconceptions are even widely stated that most gamblers think they are a version of the truth. Accordingly, some myths might have been based on truth at some point, but they certainly are not valid anymore. And other casino myths are nothing but just baseless rumours.

Nonetheless, these myths and misconceptions persist and continue to cloud the minds of even the most seasoned gamblers. While most of these myths are harmless stories, some can, in fact, damage the reputation of casinos as well as ruin your gambling experience.

Before engaging in gambling activities, one of the things you should do is debunk the casino myths and know the truth about gambling and casinos.

MYTH: Gambling is all about luck.

FACT: Gambling is indeed dependent on luck – for the most part. Not all casino games are pure luck. Casino games are divided into two categories: soft and skill games.

Soft games are mainly reliant on chance. Casino games such as slots, roulette, and bingo are examples of games that mostly rely on chance, and no matter how long you play or how much you bet, their odds are the same.

On the other hand, skill games, as the name suggests, allow you to use your skills to affect the game’s outcome. Blackjack and poker, among other table games, are casino games that can be manipulated with skills and experience to improve the player’s advantage.

MYTH: Online gambling produces more underage gamblers.

FACT: Minors cannot easily access online gambling sites. Operators of online casino in Malaysia and Singapore enforce strict regulations around their identity verification systems, spending millions on age-verification systems technologies to prevent underage gambling. In addition, many online gambling platforms conduct constant monitoring of gambler accounts.

While it is true that the legal gambling age for online casinos is different from what Malaysia and Singapore allows, it is still not considered underage by most countries worldwide.

MYTH: The house always wins.

FACT: Casino operators typically set up their games to be in favour of the house. Still, it does not mean that it is impossible to beat the casino. For instance, experienced gamblers use money-making strategies to beat the house in games such as blackjack and poker.

MYTH: Dealers can cheat or influence a game’s outcome.

FACT: Justlike gamblers, dealersare understrict rulesto play fair. They must ensure that there is no tolerance for cheating and avoid tampering or cheating any game – this means they have no means of influencing a game’s outcome.

MYTH: You will eventually win your money back if you keep playing.

FACT: The longer you keep playing, the greater your losses are. Distorted belief about eventually hitting big and coming out ahead only leads to gambling addiction. There may be some betting systems that focus on continuing betting to regain losses, it is still different from what most gamblers do which is simply betting recklessly to get their money back.

It is crucial for you to stay disciplined and know when enough is enough. This way, you can walk away from your losses and reduce your risks of facing financial consequences.

MYTH: Feeling lucky means you are going to win.

FACT: A wishful feeling has absolutely no influence on a game’s outcome. Odds and chances are mathematical probabilities that cannot be controlled by the metaphysical powers of luck. Many game machines are also programmed to reduce or control the odds of winning.

MYTH: You will start winning after a losing streak.

FACT: There is no way of winning your money back or for your luck to suddenly turn into a winning streak (unless you get really lucky). It would be a mistake to continue playing if you are on a losing streak – hoping for a win – as you will only lose more of your bankroll.

MYTH: You are due for a win when you are almost winning.

FACT: “Almost”winning, or near misses, does not mean a real win is about to happen. It is imperative for you to keep in mind that previous gambling outcomes do not influence future game outcomes.

MYTH: Online gambling is illegal in Singapore and Malaysia.

FACT: Online gambling is legal in the two countries, but only through licensed operators. The Singaporean and Malaysian Governments have created their own gambling laws and mandated operators and betting houses to comply with them. Consequently, people need to have in-depth understanding of how to bet legally in Singapore and Malaysia to ensure they are on the right side of the law.

MYTH: Online casinos do not pay winning players.

FACT: Online casinos do not pay a winning player only when the player does not follow the platform’s terms and conditions.

Operators of online casino platforms generally have terms and conditions for their games and even bonuses and promotions, which are posted on the website. So, it is essential for you to read the terms of service before playing or using bonuses to ensure that there will be no problem, particularly when you make a withdrawal request for your winnings.


Gambling myths and misconceptions are often based on superstitions. Thus, believing in such distorted beliefs about luck and other erroneous beliefs can lead to problems not only in your bankroll but in all other aspects of your gambling journey.

What is important is to remember that casino games are random, and casino operators and their dealers cannot cheat or influence the outcome of games. Furthermore, you need to focus on how you will become a more skilled and knowledgeable casino game player, improve your chances of winning, and ensure an unmatched gambling experience.

Apart from knowing the truth behind the myths and false beliefs in gambling, you must also select the right online casino platform for your live casino betting in Malaysia and Singapore.

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Debunking the Most Common Gambling Myths 01
Debunking the Most Common Gambling Myths 01