Top 3 Advanced Sports Betting Strategies to Make a Profit


Football betting is an activity practiced by hundreds of thousands worldwide. As people dive into this lucrative industry, people are constantly looking for better football betting strategy to increase their chances of winning bets. Currently, there are so many techniques and strategies online that promises increased chances of winning bets.

Arbitrage, matched, and last minute goal batting are some of the most effective advanced betting techniques that many professional bettors use. These strategies can be effective in Singapore football betting if done properly. Here is a breakdown of the top three advanced betting techniques to make a better profit.

Arbitrage Betting

Arbitrage betting refers to a particular way or technique of betting on sports. Profits can be guaranteed by taking advantage of differences and inconsistencies in betting websites or sportsbooks. The odds assigned by sportsbooks to certain events may be inconsistent or completely different from others. This is because of the inherent differences between sportsbooks caused by human factors.

This technique allows you to capitalize on the different odds for the same event at two or more betting sites. After recognizing inconsistency across sportsbooks and the differences in odds, it is possible to make guaranteed profits by wagering on all possible outcomes of a match.

Example of arbitrage betting:

Let us use an imaginary match between Netherlands and Belgium. Both teams’ capabilities and forms are comparable. This means that the odds for a +0.5 Asian handicap can be close to 2.00. The first sportsbook, United Gaming, priced Netherlands win at 2.08 while giving 1.89 for Belgium. However, the second sportsbook, SBOBet, thinks of the opposite and offers odds for Belgium win at 2.09 while the Netherlands is priced at 1.86.

United Gaming2.081.89

This significant difference in the odds offered by different sportsbooks is what they call “arb” meaning it is an opportunity for arbitrage betting. Once a difference or arb is spotted, bettors will capitalize on this opportunity, staking $150 on Netherlands win with the first sportsbook, United Gaming, while also betting the same amount for Belgium with the second sportsbook SBOBet. In short, staking $100 at 2.08 on one sportsbook and $100 at 2.09 at the other end, with a total of $200 bet.

If the Netherlands wins, the punter will win $208. If Belgium wins, the punter will win $209. This method will result in a sure-win bet every time it is executed properly. However, the only downside of arbing is that the profit may be small compared to regular risky stakes. Like the example, a 8-9 dollar profit might be small for bettors, but a win is still a win.

Note that having a difference between the who is the underdog in each sportsbook is not the only arbing opportunity. Even the simplest difference between the odds offered can be considered an arbing opportunity. Searching for arbs can be done manually through line shopping or arbing apps that can search for arb opportunities across different sportsbooks. However, it may require a paid subscription.

Matched Betting

Matched betting is another betting strategy that can be used for Singapore Pools and sportsbook betting in Singapore and other forms of gambling to produce sure profits in less than an hour or less than 30 minutes for those who practice matched betting for sure earnings. Because of that, it is also commonly categorized under no-risk betting together with arbitrage betting.

What is matched betting? It is a betting strategy that takes uses free bets from promotions and bonuses to have guaranteed profits by having the outcomes of a sports match covered. Contrary to popular belief that free bets from promotions or bonuses are limited, they are certainly not. With thousands of sportsbooks and online betting websites competing to attract customers, bonuses or free bets are their best weapon. That means it is certain that bettors can receive free bets one after another.

But before going deeper, there are two terms that bettors should know to achieve sure profit using matched betting, the “Back bet” and “Lay bet.”

·         Back bet

The traditional type of bet, essentially “backing” the team or a player that you think is to win or achieve the desired outcome in a match. Basically the same as a home or away win bet in the 1×2 market.

·         Lay bet

The lay bet is the complete opposite of back bet, where you bet on the team or a player that you think will not win or achieve the desired outcome in a match. Lay bet is popularized by the rise of online betting exchanges such as Betfair. Online betting exchanges are a marketplace that allows bettors to wager against each other at lower fees than traditional sportsbooks.

·         Lay commission

Lay commissionis the tiny percentage bettors pay for their winning as a commission. Through lay commission is how bet exchanges make money. Do not worry. The commission is usually 5% or lower, which is a tiny payment for sure profits.

Lay liability

Lay liability is the amount of money that will be deducted should the lay bet lose and the amount of stake for a back bet. 

How Does Matched Betting Work?

It’s easy to do match betting. Bettors only need to place a back bet in a sportsbook using the free bet and lay bet in an online betting exchanges website to cancel out all the risks that a back bet poses. It is also known as the “back and lay” method.

Free bets can be received right after registration as a bonus or promotion, like a free $25 bet. However, in most cases, there are terms and conditions before a bettor can use it, such as a need to make a “qualifying bet.” Qualifying bets will most likely produce profit and might be a losing bet. However, what is a dollar compared to a free $25 bet? Once the free bet is ready, bettors can use the back and lay method and have sure profit. Bettors can repeat the same process to take advantage of matched betting and have a continuous income.

Example of matched betting:

Let us use an imaginary match between Liverpool and Manchester where SBOBet predicts that Liverpool is likely to win with the odds of 1.9 while Manchester is considered an underdog with the odds of 2.5. Upon searching betting exchange websites, you found out that the odds for back bets for Manchester winning is 3.0 while the lay bed odds for it is at 3.2. Now that you have the $25 free bet, you can bet on Manchester to win in the sportsbook using the free bet and stake the same amount for a lay bet (possibility of Manchester not winning the match) on the betting exchange website.

The possible outcomes are:

If the Manchester bet wins using the free $25 bet in the sportsbook and the $25 lay bet loses, the stake for the lay bet will be gone. However, you will still profit from your winning bet in the sportsbooks, which is $50. Computation:

  • $25 free bet * 3.0 (Manchester win odds) = Total return $75
  • $75 – free bet = Total profit of $50

If the Manchester bet loses using the free $25 bet in the sportsbook, and the $25 lay bet wins, the stake for Manchester win in the sportsbook will be gone. However, you will still profit from your lay bet, which is $47.5. Computation:

  • $25 lay bet stake* 3.2 lay bet odds = Total return $80.
  • $80 – $25 lay bet stake = $55
  • $55 – 5% Lay commission = Total profit of $52.25
  • You did lose $3.75 but still earned almost twice the money out of your pocket

Last Minute Betting Strategy

This last football betting strategy is unlike the first two which promises sure profits. However, it promises better chances of winning bets.

What is last minute betting? As the name’s suggests, it is a strategy where bettors wagers at and advanced time of a match during live betting. Preferably 5-10 minutes before ending. From there bettors can either back or lay bet a particular outcome of a game through bet exchanges or with sportsbooks that allows last minute betting. It is basically betting that there will still be a goal that will be scored. Note that the odds for expected result decreases through time while the unsuspected results gets higher.

Example of last minute goal betting strategy

Imagine watching a football match between Liverpool and Manchester in an overtime 115th minute of the game. In the 1×2 market, the odds for draw decreases to 1.5 while the rest gets higher. Out of desperation to win, you noticed that Manchester, is beginning to have a good play while Liverpool is getting sloppier due to exhaustion. You think that if this continues to escalate, Manchester might score a last minute goal.

 You have initially put a stake of 20$ for a draw in 1×2 live betting market from SBOBet, meaning you were confident that the match will end in draw. However, you are now confident that Manchester might score a last minute goal. You can go to another sports book and look for the live betting odds for the match. There you can bet for Manchester win for 20$ and decrease the chances of losing bets.

If the match ends with draw, you get profit from your bet in SBObet and lose the bet in the other sportsbook. If the match ends with Manchester scoring a last minute goal, then you profit from your bet in the other sportsbook and you loose your 20$ bet in SBOBet. Either way, you will still earn some money.

This also applies when Singapore Pools live betting then using a sportsbook for the last minute goal or vice versa.


It is now well known that online betting, particularly sports betting, can be a good opportunity for people to earn money. With that came the birth of countless strategies and systems that promise good results. Among them are three proven betting strategies that can increase a bettor’s chances of winning. If done correctly and met all the conditions, arbitrage, matched, and last minute betting can produce continuous and stable profit and income using online betting. Note that both arbitrage and matched betting do not involve luck, for it has a procedure to ensure winning bets.

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