Can You Play in an Online Casino While Travelling?

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Just like how the novel coronavirus pandemic kept people from gambling in traditional casinos, travelling far from any land-based casinos will keep people from gambling. However, once gamblers have registered in trustworthy online casinos, they can continue online gaming in Malaysia and Singapore when they bring their laptop with them or through the casino’s mobile casino service.

Gamblers can easily gamble while travelling since many online casinos offer the following:

Gamblers can have access to online casinos when travelling as long as they’re connected to the internet and their devices don’t die on the trip. Gamblers should also consider other things while out on a trip and gambling, and we’ll talk about most of them further in this article.

Use a Tablet PC

It’s possible to continue online betting in Singapore, Malaysia, or any other country they may be in for vacation, as long as they have their smartphones, tablets, laptops, or travel PCs. Most people these days will bring their smartphones and tablets on their trips, and the number of people who’ll bring their laptops for a trip is smaller because not everyone owns one, and those who do won’t bring it to avoid work and other reasons. Fewer still will own and bring compact travel PCs for a vacation. Because of this, most people will be using their smartphones or tablets for online gambling.

Travelling gamblers should consider using their tablet PCs for online gambling than their smartphones. Tablet PCs have larger screens than smartphones, and bettors will be able to enjoy their games more with it.

Connect to Free WiFi

People can access online casinos through either a browser or a dedicated app, and they’ll need either mobile data or a WiFi connection to play. It’s pretty easy to use up mobile data, and gamblers might find that they run out while betting or suddenly have slow internet. Travellers should consider gambling wherever free WiFi is available to avoid this problem.

Travellers can sign in to an airport’s WiFi and play while waiting for their flight or do the same in a bus or train station. These days, buses and trains also have WiFi, and travellers can connect through them. Other possible WiFi hotspots can include restaurants, cafés, and hotels.

Use a VPN

We talked about playing through an online casino by logging on to free WiFi, but it isn’t that simple. Hackers can go after many different travellers’ private information and bank details, and gambling through public WiFi will endanger people’s sensitive information.

Using a VPN or a virtual private network can help secure accessing and using sensitive online applications like banking and online casino gaming. Business Daily has an article discussing why people must use a VPN when gambling online that travellers can read for more information.

Long story short, a VPN will provide travelling gamblers with a secure betting experience. A big bonus is accessing geo-restricted content, including geo-restricted online casinos!

Try Different Games

Online casinos will have multiple games available for gamblers, and some casinos might have offerings that others don’t. Traditional gamblers might focus on only one game when playing in a land-based casino, but they should consider playing other games when playing through an online casino.

A blackjack player should consider trying out different games like baccarat, roulette, etc. A good roulette player might want to try other table games or go for slot machines. Anyone who wants to try playing slots can check out our previous article on winning slots. Any gambler who wants to try betting on sports should also consider reading our article titled “Three Common Mistakes Punters Make While Betting” to keep themselves from losing too much from sportsbook betting.

Gamblers should consider trying out other games aside from what they’re used to as part of their vacation.

Have a Portable Power Bank

Any gambler who’ll gamble using their smartphones should always have a portable power bank to ensure that their devices won’t run out of power. They might be able to gamble while charging their phones in airports, bus stations, and train stations, but they might not be able to do so while in transit.

Anyone who’s using their mobile devices constantly will see their battery drain quickly, and this is especially the case when travelling. Gamblers who play in online casinos will find that their batteries will quickly drain out when playing while on the road, and power banks will be their saving grace.

When looking for a great portable power bank, travellers can check out’s article on the best power banks and portable chargers for 2021. Power banks are helpful to let the gambler continue gaming and to ensure that they’ll have their phone for emergencies.

Playing with Headphones or Earphones

Gambling requires the highest level of concentration so that gamblers can strategise on how and where they’ll place their bets. The background noise of crowds of people in the stations or airports can distract gamblers and keep them from having an enjoyable betting experience. Using headphones will let people play live casino games without getting distracted.

Gamblers should also consider using headphones or earphones when playing through a mobile online casino to have an immersive experience without being a nuisance to anyone around them. The sound of spinning slot reels can be pretty loud.

Stay Alert

Wearing earphones or headphones may help gamblers stay immersed when playing online casino games, but it can also be dangerous when playing in public. Travellers must always keep a watchful eye on their surroundings to protect themselves from muggings and thefts.

Travelling gamblers should consider playing only when they’re safe in hotels, sitting beside friends or family on a bus, or are with friends when waiting in the airport. They can still play while in tourist spots, but they shouldn’t spend too much time playing to forget the purpose of the trip and stay alert for criminals.

Making and Following a Gaming Schedule

Online gambling is not the primary goal when going out on vacation. Many people won’t even think about gambling when they plan an out-of-country trip. Gamblers, however, will want to spend some time betting on the go. To ensure that gamblers won’t miss the whole point of a trip, they should set up a gambling schedule to still be able to enjoy their vacation.

Limit the Money while Playing

Gambling is fun, yes, but gamblers should limit their bets, especially when they’re on vacation. Limiting bets allows gamblers to have complete control of their spending and not spend they could use for leisure solely for gambling.

A vacation will include buying ethnic cuisine and shopping for souvenirs, and losing all that money in an online casino won’t make the vacation eventful.


Playing in an online casino is possible while travelling, and gamblers only need to register in the best online casino Malaysia or Singapore, to have a secure betting experience. After finding a great online casino, gamblers must keep in mind to have access to a fast internet connection and the necessary tools to bet securely.

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