Betting 101: How Can You Win in Slot Games in 2022

online casino slot machine on smartphone screen betting 101 win slot games 2022

Slots are one of the most popular and exciting games in both a traditional and online casino in Malaysia or Singapore. Many Malaysian and Singaporean gamblers have played slots for many years now, and the game has remained outstanding for beginners and seasoned bettors alike.

Despite its popularity, many gamblers may still have difficulty understanding how slot machines work and win in them. Some may think that the casinos have total control over winning, while others believe that there are patterns to hit the prize successfully. Sketchy online casinos might do these, so gamblers must only play slot machines in a reputable casino.

Once gamblers register in a trustworthy casino, they can start playing slot machines without worrying about casinos cheating and keeping people from winning. Besides looking for an excellent casino to play in, people should also consider other things when playing slots to ensure that they can win games.


Maximise Free/Demo Games

Playing free slots may not let a gambler win real money, but it is helpful to get some practice and test out a particular machine’s features. Many slot games are available in free mode, allowing people to experiment with different slots and find the right one before they play with real money slots.

Free games allow gamblers to review the game and set up a gambling mood to have fun while having a chance of making some money later on.

Free Games through Slot Bonuses

Gamblers playing online slots in Malaysia or Singapore can benefit from specific bonuses and promotions because online casinos can offer promos that land-based casinos can’t. Taking advantage of welcome bonuses can increase a gambler’s bankroll and allow more playing time. When gamblers have more time to play, they’ll have more chances of winning.

Manage Your Bankroll

Bankroll management must have more playing time and potentially have bigger winnings. This is especially the case when taking advantage of an online casino’s bonuses. If the gambler has a total betting budget of $100 for 4 hours, they’ll have a $25 bankroll for an hour of playing.

Gamblers must also keep in mind to separate their gambling budget from their funds so they won’t chase losses with money they can’t afford to lose.

Look for the Best Slot Machine

Casinos offer various slot machines with varying RTP (return to player), volatility, reels, enhancements, and additions. Some machines are easy to understand, while others are too complex for beginners.

While gamblers can play different machines with little to no concern on the RTP, volatility, and payouts, keeping them in mind can help increase a gambler’s potential profits. Below are the different machines that online gamblers can encounter:

Basic Slot Machines

The most basic slot machine that gamblers can play has a screen showing symbols and a random number generator to determine where the symbols’ position will stop after a spin. Such slot machines have smaller payouts than other slots, but they tend to pay out more often than others. The basic slot machines only have three lines, and the bettors win when three matching symbols line up on the centre.

Both beginners and seasoned gamblers can enjoy the benefits of a basic slot machine.

Multi-line Slot Machines

Multi-line slots have more lines than the basic slot machines while also having bigger payouts. Slot players can decide how many pay lines they’ll bet on, the coin value they’ll use, and how much they’ll bet per spin. This machine increases the difficulty while also increasing the payout. Multi-line slots have five lines instead of three.

Wild Play Machines

Wild play slots are helpful when people want to increase their winnings. Gamblers can double, triple, or quintuple their winnings when they successfully create winning combinations with wild multiplier symbols. If a gambler hits a combination of three wild symbols, they also win. Such symbols can create more winning combinations in near-miss situations. Wilds can also sometimes unlock bonus features.

Wild play slot machines have different payout ratios, so gamblers must check the payout table to determine how much their potential winnings will be.

Progressive Jackpot Slots

Progressive jackpot slots take a portion of a gambler’s bet and place it in a pot that will continuously increase for every loss. The pot can accumulate millions and allow the bettor to take millions after winning their spin.

Progressive slots also generally feature the lowest RTPs among the different casino games people can play. Add to that the fact that gamblers must always bet the maximum, and bettors will find that they can lose a lot of money while hoping to get lucky and win the jackpot.

Play High Denomination Slot Machines More

Not all slot machines are the same, as we’ve provided different kinds of machines above, and some give more payout than the others. High denomination slots give out a bigger payout than lower denomination ones, mainly because a machine’s payout is relative to the denomination.

Avoid Playing Tight Slot Machines

Just like slot machines have different denominations, not all slots payout. Tight slots are slot machines that aren’t generous and won’t likely payout no matter how much a gambler bets. Most of these tight slots are found in inconvenient spaces in traditional casinos, mainly where gamblers are pushed into when the casino is full.

Gamblers should avoid tight slots as much as possible and look for better machines in either a traditional or online casino to have a better experience when playing a slot game in Malaysia.

Bet the Maximum

Multi-line slot machines will require specific bets to activate all of their lines. Gamblers must stake the maximum bet to increase their chances of winning a spin. Progressive slot machines also require maximum stakes.

Betting the maximum ensures that the gambler won’t miss out on any in-game features and maximise their winnings per game.

Don’t Believe in Due Payouts

Slot machines provide unexpected results, and there’s generally no way to predict the outcome of a spin. Any bettor who’s lost multiple times already should forget about waiting for due payouts. No slot player is due a win, and they’ll only win when they win. Gamblers might be more prone to believing in due payouts when playing progressive jackpot slots due to the big winnings they can get once they win.

Due payouts don’t exist in slots, and the closest they can get to it is by switching to a better slot machine. An easier to win slot is arguably better than continuously playing one slot.

Bank and Leave

Once gamblers profit from playing slots, they should consider stopping and resisting the urge to play more games. Anyone who made a profit from a few slot machine games shouldn’t get greedy to get more, especially when they’ve already spent their entire bankroll for the day. Progressive slot players should immediately deposit their winnings in their bank accounts and stop.

Bankroll management is vital to convincing a gambler from playing more games.


The gambling industry will continue to evolve in 2022, and gamblers will see different trends and potentially new slots in online casinos. They’ll need to know how they can win, and one of the best ways to do so is betting the maximum stake on great high denomination slots while also keeping in mind to avoid tight slots.

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