Reasons Why You Are Not Winning at Horse Betting

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Watching your favourite sports like horse races is fun, mainly because people enjoy races in general. However, the true thrill and fun start when you wager real money and have a chance to make more at the end of the day. It’s also one way to show their support to a particular horse if they’re fans of a particular horse, trainer, and jockey.

But then, if there is a winning moment for every punter out there, bettors should remember that losing is the norm and there’s every chance that they’ll lose their money. If you are experiencing the latter most of the time, continue reading this article to know why you are not winning at horse betting.


Having an idea but Not a Strategic Plan 

In horse betting, knowing what it’s like to place a wager on this sport is not enough. If you are a newbie or even a regular player understanding how Singapore horse racing odds work is necessary. It’s not exactly as simple as betting on short odds or backing the underdogs as there are other factors involved in how horses win a race.

As a new bettor, there is a lot to learn regarding horse races, which can sometimes overwhelm them. The good thing is you can accumulate information now through legitimate betting websites with blogs about horse racing. From this, you can form a strategy on how you place a bet and even try exotic bets and jackpots. Having an idea but not putting much effort to learn more about the sport you are betting on will not help you unless you are lucky enough to hit the jackpot. But that will not always be the case.

Bettors Fail to Look the Competition

It will not be easy for new bettors to get all the information together and use it to their advantage. In most cases, they will randomly scan the horses and pick the one they like.

Many bettors don’t look into the other horses and only focus on the horse that won in the previous race without considering how and who the competition is. This could be one of the reasons why you are not winning.

When betting with a physical kiosk, you can take some benefit from the brochure that they will give you upon admission. It contains information about the past races, finishing position, and distance, making it a good guide when looking at the favourite’s competition.

Ignoring the Chances in Small Bets

Usually, bettors want to get a considerable payout whenever they place wagers. This means that they usually place large bets at once. They often see opportunity in this kind of option, but this is not a good move on their part. You will potentially lose more money when placing large bets, especially since losing is normal.

Instead of doing this, you should try placing small wagers. By doing this, you can extend your betting time and have more chances of winning bets by eliminating the fact that you can lose so much money in one go.

Not Changing Your Betting Style at All

If you think and see that your current betting style does not work its magic, then it’s time to reflect on why it’s not going in your favour. Not changing your betting style when you notice a losing streak on your part indicates that you are risking more than you could ever be. 

Bettors should examine how they’re betting and try and figure out why they’re losing. They might be placing random bets without checking the horses’ histories and which jockeys will ride them, they might also be placing exotic bets when they don’t understand it. Bettors should consider making short odds bets for the time being while also researching on the horses and placing such wagers on safer horses.

Not Knowing How to Evaluate a Jockey

A jockey is the one that rides the horse in a race. They play the most vital role in horse racing for the most part. However, many gamblers fail to account for this kind of information. They are more focused on the horses than looking at another aspect like this.

The horses may be responsible for the heavy lifting in races, but it’s the jockey’s responsibility to get the most out of a horse’s performance. A poor horse-jockey combination won’t provide great results in a race.

Not Strategising Based on Starting Positions 

As most bettors say, the starting positions significantly determine how the horse will fare in a race. However, most people don’t consider the starting positions when betting on horse races and only check on the horse or rely too much on the No. 1 position.

Contrary to what people may think, the No. 1 position is not the best position for a horse to start on because the horse will be hugging the railings. The best positions are typically the No. 2 to 10 positions, at least according to past data by for the Kentucky Derby.

Giving Too Much Importance on Speed

Speed is another determining factor to consider in horse racing, but it should not be the only matter you need to attend to and prioritize. Speed is not the only thing you should consider; you may also look to the horse’s track record, starting position, condition, weather, and others.

Not Taking the Time to Study Your Betting History

Generally speaking, this reason applies not only in horse betting but mainly in all sports betting. Not taking the time to study your betting history is another reason you are not winning in online betting Singapore.

You should consider checking how you lost your previous bets and how much you staked per bet. Maybe you should lower the stakes and check Singapore Pools horse racing odds and bet on the lowest ones for a while to have a relatively safer betting experience. Gambling is not something that you should do impulsively.


Watching races is fun and it can get even better for gamblers when they’re staking large amounts of money per race. As long as the bettors know how to place their bets and how to profit from betting, they will indeed have fun when mixing the excitement of a race with the known risk of losing or winning money.

Many people are eager to have a massive payout, but winning it takes more than just placing a big wager and getting lucky. While jackpot winners do get lucky most of the time, most successful bettors become successful because they accumulated multiple winning bets and continued doing so even after winning big.

Horse bettors can sign up and register to a Malaysian or Singaporean website like to start their betting careers or get more information about horse betting.