Biggest 4D and Toto Wins in Singapore and Malaysia

Biggest 4D Toto Wins Singapore Malaysia

Who doesn’t want to get rich quickly? Many people who buy Toto online will want to win some money, and those playing toto 4d jackpots will want to win the jackpot prize even if it seems impossible. Nevertheless, people did win several jackpots already after getting lucky while playing the lottery.

When talking about a jackpot, it doesn’t simply mean winning big. Winning a jackpot means winning a jackpot, several millions of money that only a few people can win. Some of these jackpot wins have even reached up to the hundreds of millions and have only been won by a few people. Sure, some people can win big through the lottery, but not all of them can replicate some of the biggest 4D and TOTO wins in Singapore and Malaysia.

Businessman Won Grand Toto 4D 6/63 Jackpot Worth RM69.6 Million

A 40-year-old Penang businessman won the biggest 4D jackpot prize in Malaysian history. The businessman won the Grand Toto 6/63’s jackpot of RM69.6 million in 2017 for only a measly RM50 for the 25 sets of numbers he bet on.

He got lucky with his bet, especially since he used his car’s plate numbers for the bet. He didn’t even place the bet by chance since he took a detour from the usual Wednesday night traffic jam and went to a Sports Toto outlet on the way. The first time he played the lottery was also when he won the jackpot prize.

Lucky Sarawakian Won RM33,822,299 – Magnum 4D Jackpot M-System Play

A lucky Sarawakian won the biggest Magnum 4D jackpot in history in 2019 using M-System. The jackpot winner received the 4D payout of RM33,822,299 or close to 34 million.

Gamblers will let fate decide the ten unique 4D numbers through the M-System. The unique 4D numbers will then be combined to form a combination of two 4D numbers that must match the numbers drawn. Gamblers could win one of the five 4D Jackpot prizes:

  • Jackpot 1 – won when both 4D numbers in one of the combinations match any of the top three prizes
  • Jackpot 2 – won when one of the 4D numbers in one of the combinations matches one of the top three prizes and the special prize
  • 3rd Prize – won when any number matches any of the top three prizes
  • 4th Prize – won when any number matches the special prize
  • 5th Prize – won when any number matches the consolation prize

Two of the Sarawakian’s numbers matched two of the top three winning numbers of the lottery, namely 5356 (1st prize) and 9322 (2nd prize). 

The cost of the M-System Play was only RM10.

Lucky Johorian Won RM33,014,010 – Magnum 4D Jackpot System Play

A 40-year-old Johorian won the Magnum 4D Jackpot prize of RM33,014,010 in 2017. The Johorian paid only RM6 for the bet since he used System Play for the bet.

The lucky Johorian won Magnum 4D Jackpot’s Jackpot 1 because two of his three 4D numbers matched the Magnum 4D results. His System Play bet was the System Bet 3, which allowed him to get three unique Lucky Pick 4D numbers, similar to the M-System Play’s ten 4D numbers. His winning numbers were 2346 (1st prize) and 7233 (2nd prize). 

The lucky Johorian confessed to constantly checking the 4D results online through the Magnum Mobile app. He has also been playing since 2012 and did not leave his job even after winning the jackpot.

Lucky Singaporean Gambler Won SGD 9.7 Million Group 1 Prize

A lucky Singaporean gambler managed to win a whopping SGD 9.7 Million, Singapore Pools Toto’s biggest win. The win was significant since there was only one winning share for winning the Group 1 prize.


Source: The Independent’s article on “Biggest win of S$9.7M prize for Toto Singapore lottery,” also taken from Singapore Pools.

The gambler has a 1 in 13,983,816 chance of getting the Group 1 prize.

Retired Malay Won Sports Toto 4D Jackpot Worth RM26,816,006.80

A retired Malay aged 69-years-old luckily won the Sports Toto 4D Jackpot last June 27, 2018, after betting on the same 4D numbers for more than ten years. The lucky gambler’s persistence paid off and could serve as an excellent example for other lotto players to be persistent with their “lucky numbers.”

The lucky Malay not only bet on his 4D numbers of 9998 and 3324, but he also bought a System 3 Toto 4D Jackpot ticket that increased his winning chances because of the additional three sets of numbers.

The gambler won RM26,816,006.80 from the Straight bet and RM336 from the System Play. He only placed the bet since Sports Toto allowed him to kill time since his retirement.

Eight Winners of $2.43 Million Each for the SGD 19.4 Million Toto 4D Jackpot

This year of 2022 saw eight lucky winners winning Toto Hongbao’s SGD 19.4 million jackpot. The jackpot is split across eight winning shares, resulting in the eight winners getting SGD 2.43 million each. The results from Singapore Pools’ annual draw were announced on the night of February 11.

The prize money is double 2021’s SGD 9.6 million jackpot and is currently the highest in recent history. Singapore Pools has a list of the top 20 jackpot prizes and winning shares that shows this recent win as having the highest jackpot prize.


This list did not include any Magnum Life winners who won RM1,000 every day for twenty years and only focused on those who won big from jackpots. Anyone who will play 4D Toto online can have a chance of replicating any of the results above as long as they continue to buy tickets. They can switch things up a bit by buying System Play and M-System Play tickets for the standard jackpots while also trying other jackpot games.

Staying faithful to some specific numbers and trying out different 4D games can lead to significant winnings, as long as people continue to buy 4D online or offline. One of our recent articles discusses why Malaysian bettors should consider buying 4D online, and Singaporean gamblers can even apply the reasons mentioned there. Reluctant gamblers can read it to learn more. Register with 88ProAsia today to start buying 4D tickets online. Who knows, you might be the next winner of a big jackpot prize.

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