Everything You Need to Know About 4D

Everything You Need to Know About 4D 02

Many Malaysians and Singaporeans partake in 4D odds lottery games as it offers them an opportunity to win considerable sums of money, which could change their fortunes overnight. And among the most popular lotto games in Malaysia and Singapore is 4D.

But while the 4D lottery may allow you to win big prizes at just a minimal cost of a lottery ticket, you first need to understand the basics of 4D – its mechanics, bet types, and prize structures. 

4D History

Singapore Pools, the state-owned lottery subsidiary company of the Singapore Totalisator Board (Tote Board), announced in 1985 its plans to roll out the computerised sale of 4D lottery bets.

In Singapore, the leading provider of 4D is Singapore Pools, and the 4D draw is tied to the Singapore Sweep draw. Meanwhile, in Malaysia, 4D has four primary providers: Sports Toto, Da Ma Cai, Magnum 4D, and Derby Blue and Derby Green.

4D Mechanics

As with other gambling activities, only individuals over 18 can bet on 4D. Accordingly, to participate in 4D betting, you must choose a 4-digit number between 0000 to 9999 and bet on it before 6:00 PM on draw day – 4D draws take place at 6:30 PM on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. 

Twenty-three (23) winning numbers will be drawn electronically using four drawing cylinders and numbered balls in every draw. The chance of winning any prize for each number combination is 1 in 435. Accordingly, the chance of winning the first, second, and third prizes is 1 in 10,000.

The minimum bet per 4D number in Singapore is $1. Meanwhile, in Malaysia, the minimum bet is RM1. You can choose to bet on Big, providing 23 winning chances. In big bets, one 4-digit winning number will be drawn for each of the top three prize categories and ten winning numbers for the 4D starter and consolation prizes.

Moreover, you can also choose to bet on Small, which provides you with three winning chances. You can only match your number to the winning numbers in the top three prize categories. 

4D payout or prize amount for winning numbers will depend on your stake, whether you bet Big or Small, and the type of 4D bet you placed.

4D Bet Types and Payouts

Bet types in Singapore 4D, Magnum 4D, and other 4D games generally differ in how they are called. Here are the four play types you can choose from when placing 4D bets in Singapore:

Ordinary Entry

Ordinary Entry is the most basic type of 4D bet. You only need to select a 4-digit number from 0000 to 9999 in a specific order, and bet on it.

The winnings when placing $1 for Ordinary Big and Small Bet are as follows:

PrizesBig WinningsSmall Winnings
1st Prize$2000$3000
2nd Prize$1000$2,000
3rd Prize$490$800
Starter Prizes$250N/A
Consolation Prizes$60N/A

4D Roll Entry

4D Roll Entry is the betting option where you bet on ten 4-digit number combinations. In this type of bet, you will bet on the ten possible permutations of your selected 4-digit number, denoted by “RXYZ,” “XRYZ,” “XYRZ”, or “XYZR.”

“X,” “Y,” and “Z” refer to any number you choose from 0 to 9, and “R” is the rolling integer that represents any number from 0 to 9.

So, for example, you choose to roll the first digit of your 4D number and will designate X as 1, Y as 2, and Z as 3; then, you will be betting “R123,” which means you will bet on 0123, 1123, 2123, 3123, 4123, 5123, 6123, 7123, 8123, and 9123.

In 4D roll entry betting, you will have to wager on each of the ten 4-digit number combinations; thus, it might cost you ten times the minimum bet amount. Accordingly, the prize structure for 4D roll entry is the same as Ordinary Entry.

System Entry

This 4D bet type allows you to cover all possible permutations of your selected 4-digit number. So, for example, you placed a System Entry bet on 2345; then, you can bet on all possible combinations of the 4-digit number you have picked (2345, 5432, 3254, etc.)

The amount of bet for a System Entry will vary depending on the number of selected permutations of your preferred 4-digit number, stake amount, and the number of draw day(s) you want to bet on the 4-digit numbers. For instance, you want to bet on all 24 permutations of 2345 and stake $2 (Big) for Wednesday and Saturday draws; the total amount you will be betting is $96.

If any permutation of your 4-digit number matches one or more of the winning numbers drawn, you are entitled to a prize or prizes following the 4D Game Rules. The prize structure for System Entry is the same as Ordinary and 4D Roll Entries.

iBet Entry

iBet Entry works similarly to System Entry: it allows you to bet on all permutations of your preferred 4-digit number. But, it differs from the latter in terms of the amount of bet you need to place. iBet Entry does not require you to pay for each possible permutation of your selected number – this means that when you choose to play 4D using iBet Entry, you can bet on all the possible combinations of your 4-digit number just staking $1.

However, in iBet Entry, the prize structure differs from the other three 4D Entry types. The winnings are smaller when placing $1 for iBet Entry Big and Small Bet.

Prize Amounts and Winning Number for iBet Entry (Big):

PrizesPrize Amount
4 different digits2 same digits3 same digits2 pairs
1st Prize$83$166$500$335
2nd Prize$41$83$250$168
3rd Prize$20$40$127$85
Starter Prizes$10$20$62$41
Consolation Prizes$3$6$15$10

Prize Amounts and Winning Number for iBet Entry (Small):

PrizesPrize Amount
4 different digits2 same digits3 same digits2 pairs
1st Prize$125$250$750$500
2nd Prize$83$167$500$333
3rd Prize$33$66$200$133

Quick Pick

Quick Pick is the 4D bet for when you do not have any numbers in mind. The system will generate a random 4-digit number/s for you. You can place Quick Pick bets by bet type at the price of $1 per bet.

How to Place 4D Bets?

Traditionally, bettors place 4D bets by visiting any Singapore pools outlet. But, in this digital era, you can buy 4D online with ease and convenience. Accordingly, you can place 4D bets through online gambling platforms, such as 88ProAsia. 88ProAsia is the preferred website for online 4D betting in Malaysia and Singapore. Register now at www.88proasia.com and start your 4D lottery betting journey.

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