What is ONE Blackjack?


When playing blackjack in Singapore, gamblers may encounter Pragmatic Play and its selection of casino games, including ONE Blackjack. ONE Blackjack is an 8-deck multi-player, single-handed version of online blackjack where virtually an unlimited number of people can play one hand.

ONE Blackjack is a highly scalable game that allows hundreds, even thousands, of players to play simultaneously. This game is similar to Common Draw and Infinite Blackjack because the table has only one seat, and the dealer draws only one hand per round, but Pragmatic Play makes their game unique. This is done by incorporating elements from different blackjack variants to create a unique table.

Because Pragmatic Play’s ONE Blackjack is a unique game, it’s only natural for people to want to play it online, especially since it’s a live casino game.

How to Play ONE Blackjack

Gamblers can play ONE Blackjack just like how they play regular blackjack online. Of course, there will be some differences between the two games, mainly that the cards are not directly visible but are placed in a container and appear as images in the User Interface.

The dealer draws two cards for the player’s hand and dealer’s hand each, with one dealer card face-down. The player cards are scanned and appear as images in the UI while also allowing people to make individual decisions with only one hand. Each player can Hit, Stand, Double Down, or Split with their ONE hand, the same way they can through the standard version of the game. Most of blackjack’s standard rules apply to ONE Blackjack.

Once a gambler finishes the round by either standing or busting, they may see more cards being dealt, which belong to other players who didn’t stand or bust.

Pragmatic Play also incorporated the Auto-Stand feature, where gamblers can automatically stand if they meet a particular hand total. Gamblers can set the settings for an auto stand when their hand reaches 17 or higher.

Rules of ONE Blackjack

As mentioned above, gamblers can play ONE Blackjack like how they play the standard blackjack variant. ONE Blackjack’s rules general rules are the following:

  • Dealer draws two cards on the initial deal
  • Dealer stands on both hard and soft 17 and draws on 16
  • Double down is only applicable on the initial two cards
  • Split pairs
  • No double down on splits
  • Dealer checks for Blackjack when they have an Ace
  • Tied hands are pushed

Because the rules are the same, gamblers can still use basic strategy when figuring out how to win in blackjack. Of course, there are still some differences in the rules due to ONE Blackjack’s additional features. The notable differences are the auto-stand feature and the Six Card Charlie rule.

In some blackjack tables, players can win after drawing a certain number of cards in a round without busting. In ONE Blackjack, the Six Card Charlie is a built-in feature that allows the player to win if they draw six cards in a round without busting.

ONE Blackjack Side Bets

Before playing ONE blackjack online for real money, gamblers must first learn more about the game, especially the side bets available.

  • Perfect Pairs – betting on receiving a pair in the initial hand.
  • 21+3 Poker Hand – betting on chances of creating a poker hand from the first three visible cards (2 player cards and 1 dealer card), which include the following:
  • Flush – three cards in the same suit
  • Straight – three cards of consecutive values, like 2-3-4
  • Three of a Kind – three cards of the same value
  • Straight Flush – three cards of consecutive values in the same suit
  • Suited Three of a Kind – three cards of the same value in the same suit
  • Bust Bonus – betting on the chances of a dealer going bust, with the payout increasing with the dealer’s number of cards.
  • Crazy 7 – betting on the chances of getting a 7 in the first draw.

Gamblers have plenty of chances of winning in ONE Blackjack, thanks to the game’s standard bets and special features.

Why Play ONE Blackjack?

ONE Blackjack has plenty of special features while still being familiar for most blackjack players. But is it enough to convince people to start playing it? No. It’s still important to know what the benefits of playing the game are, which are already plentiful.

Unlike regular blackjack, gamblers will always be able to play ONE Blackjack even if multiple people are at the table. There’s no need to wait for a spot to open to play since it’s a multiplayer blackjack game that utilises only one hand. Anyone can start playing once they find the game through the list of games in the online casino.

ONE Blackjack is also an excellent game for beginners who want to try playing blackjack for the first time and learn how other players usually play their hands. Rookie gamblers won’t be conscious of how they play their cards, and they don’t need to worry about getting judged on how they play since others won’t see the decisions they play. When playing live blackjack in a traditional casino, other gamblers will see their decisions, and they might get mocked for playing incorrectly.

In addition to being great for beginners, experienced gamblers practising blackjack basic strategy and card counting won’t have to worry about rookies messing up their game. There’s no need to worry about messing up the cards’ true count because of rookie mistakes or losing count after the dealer dealt multiple cards to different players.

When looking for a blackjack game to play, ONE Blackjack should be one of the games to consider playing, especially with the high possible payouts in the game.

ONE Blackjack Payouts

Like in regular blackjack games, the payout in ONE Blackjack for a standard hand is 1:1, a natural is 3:2, and insurance is 2:1. ONE Blackjack players, however, have more chances to win. The biggest possible payout is 2000:1.

Perfect Pairs 
Mixed Pair6:1
Coloured Pair12:1
Perfect Pair25:1
21+3 Poker Hand 
Straight Flush40:1
Suited 3-of-a-Kind100:1
Bust Bonus 
3 Cards1:1
4 Cards2:1
5 Cards9:1
6 Cards50:1
7 Cards100:1
8+ Cards200:1
Crazy 7 
One 75:1
Pair of 7s (Unsuited)25:1
Pair of 7s (Suited)150:1
Three 7s (Unsuited)500:1
Three 7s (Suited)2000:1

Thanks to the availability of side bets, the payouts in ONE Blackjack are more attractive than in regular blackjack. Basic strategy might not be of much help to gamblers when aiming for the big payouts. Learning to count cards for poker might help gamblers count cards for side bets.

Continue Playing Live Blackjack

Live blackjack players don’t need to compromise by switching to video blackjack when playing Pragmatic Play’s ONE Blackjack. This ensures that the game isn’t rigged by the programmer since the dealer is live, and the players can watch the dealer. Players can also practice basic strategy more when playing live instead of online, especially when trying card counting.

How to Get Started with Playing ONE Blackjack?

Once you’re convinced of playing ONE Blackjack, you’ll need to look for an online live casino in Malaysia like 88ProAsia. 88ProAsia and the 88pro.bet site is a trusted online casino in Malaysia in 2021 and will only remain to be trustworthy in 2022. You only need to register and make an initial deposit to get started browsing different games.

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You can also contact 88ProAsia through our contact page and the information provided there if you have any questions about gaming through us.

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