Top 5 Racing Greyhounds of All Time


The popularity of dog racing in Singapore is attributed to numerous factors, including a variety of betting options, bookmaking entertainment, and the race’s thrill. Among various dog breeds, the greyhound breed dominates racetracks due to their strong body, speed, and agility. They are known as the fastest dog breed in the canine realm.

While dog races feature a multitude of greyhounds, five manage to distinguish themselves, leaving a distinct impression that is now embedded in the history of dog racing betting.

Mick the Miller

Mick the Miller left a distinguished mark and became a global sensation as he was the first Irish, brindle greyhound to win 19 races in a row. It includes the well-known championship he earned in the English Greyhound Derby in 1929 and 1930. The Irish greyhound was forced to take a break to heal when he suffered a muscle injury during a race in Wimbledon. This setback only made Mick the Miller stronger, winning over 20 of his 23 races within his three-year dog racing journey. Furthermore, Mick also starred in his first movie, Wild Boy, in 1934, solidifying his celebrity reputation in dog racing before he died on the 6th of May in 1939.

Ballyregan Bob

Next to Mick the Miller, Ballyregan Bob has also become the fastest greyhound, winning over 42 consecutive races from 48 races and earning the Greyhound of the Year award in 1985 and 1986. He is known as the brindle English greyhound record-holder who stood unbroken for several years. Ballyregan Bob eventually earned a feature on the front cover of Racing Post’s first issue on the 15th of April 1986.The English greyhound record-breaker soon died at the age of 10 due to heart failure in April 1994, leaving behind a legendary career in dog racing.

Westmead Hawk

Westmead Hawk is a black English greyhound famous for picking up a late burst of pace to beat his rivals. Because of this attribute, Westmead Hawk won the English Greyhound Derby progressively in 2005 and 2006. It sparked recognition among punters as they saw him paralleling Mick the Miller’s legacy of consecutive wins during his reign.

Tims Crow

Recognised as the finalist in Arc 1994 and known for his electric pace, Tims Crow is a real favourite among British dog racing odds, especially when he won the Coral-sponsored Golden Sprint at Romford, Essex, in 2003. Despite setting off with a price tag of 2/1, the English greyhound has set his recording time of 24.29 seconds. Tims Crow continued to break track records the same year, winning the Coral Golden Sprint at Romford as well as the Coors Peterborough Derby—earning him the prestigious Greyhound of the Year award in 2003.

Shakey Jakey

The Australian greyhound, Shakey Jakey, is known as the second-generation champion. He won the Sydney 22-length Race 6 at Wentworth Park on the 6th of April 2014. However, Shakey Jakey became a stud dog after he won his first race as his owner, David Pringle, believes he can earn more money in breeding than in dog racing.

Final Thoughts

Each of the greyhounds mentioned above showcases the inherent speed, agility, and stamina of their breed and is honed through proper dog training. Their legacy has made greyhound racing remain enduringly widespread, encouraging today’s trainers to prompt their greyhounds as aspiring stars in Singapore dog racing. Bettors must familiarise themselves with these qualities as it can help them make strategic online betting in Singapore. However, punters must first look for a reliable betting site to guarantee a safe betting environment.

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