Understanding the Impact of Rake on Poker Games


When playing poker, gamblers must also consider the rake, which is the fee an online casino takes from the pot. The rake covers the operation costs of a live casino Singapore and overheads, but there are ways that you can limit how the rake can impact your online gambling bankroll.

What is Poker Rake?

Poker rake is the scaled commission that casinos take to pay for their operating costs. Rake is collected in poker games as a portion of the buy-in cost and in cash games by the dealer.

The concept of rake may seem relatively straightforward, but understanding its implications can be helpful for players who want to maximise profitability. The percentage of rake may vary depending on the poker site, which can range from 2.5% to 10%.

Taking a rake works in various ways, but the general idea is that a small part of the pot is removed or raked. For instance, if a bettor wins a pot with a total value of $10, a 5% rake charge applied means that 50 cents will be deducted from the winnings.

How Do Casinos Calculate the Rake?

Different poker rooms – whether physical or online – have their approaches when it comes to rake. Some casinos keep things simple for online gambling Singapore by having a fixed charge. Meanwhile, others get set amounts that apply regardless of the pot size. Some casinos deploy a hybrid of these two strategies.

How is Poker Rake Collected?

Regardless of how the rake is calculated in poker games, there are various approaches to actually collecting it, which include the following:

Dead Drops

A dead drop in a poker game entails paying the rake before any cards are dealt. Those who have the dealer button in front of them typically calculate the amount that is owed and place their chips on the button for collection. This rake collection strategy is commonly used in physical poker rooms.

Standard Pot Rake

The standard pot rake is the most popular way that casinos collect the rake. Every pot has a fee at the end of the hand before the winnings are handed over to the winner. In a land-based casino, the dealer removes the chips and drops them through a collection slot. Meanwhile, in online poker, the software handles the rake automatically.

Time Collections

Time collections are most commonly seen in high-stakes games. As soon as the predetermined time of the game has elapsed, the players hand over a fee. There are instances wherein the deduction will be made from the pot that is being played instead of having each player pay a set amount.

Why Is It Important for Players to Understand the Impact of Poker Rake?

The concept of rake in online live poker may seem like a small change, but for gamblers who are serious about their casino gaming activities, it can have an impact on the poker games that they choose to play.

Rake’s Impact on Winnings

Learning the amount of rake that is taken from a pot in poker games can directly influence a player’s profit. Over time, the reduction can accumulate into a substantial loss in earnings. For example, if a poker website charges a higher-than-average poker rake percentage, even the most skilled players can find it challenging to be profitable.

Rake Comparisons

Wise poker players shop around and compare the poker rake across various online casinos. Similar to comparing sports betting odds and table limits, knowing the poker site’s rake structure can help in terms of game selection and bankroll management.

Strategising Around Poker Rake

Poker players can employ different strategies that can help them navigate the impact of poker rakes and maximise their winning potential.

Shop for the Best Rake Rates

Whether for live cash games or online poker rooms, finding the ones with the most favourable rake structure is also a crucial factor for mastering how the game works. Each poker site has its policy for taking rakes, and finding one with a competitive poker rake can make all the difference.

Play Fewer Hands in Poker

Another helpful strategy for poker players is to play with fewer hands. Being selective and choosing fewer hands to play can help you avoid paying rake on marginal hands in poker that are more likely to lose in the game.

Consider Rakeback Deals

Numerous online poker sites also offer rakeback deals, wherein there is a return of a portion of the rake that you have paid. This rakeback deal can help offset the cost of the rake over time and may even be a game-changer for frequent poker players.

Rakeback deals incentivise players to continue playing on online poker sites. This is mutually beneficial for the sites as they retain loyal customers, and the players become more motivated to play more.

Rakebacks can take various forms depending on the online poker site. Some platforms provide a fixed percentage of the rake collected to be returned to the player, while others use a tiered system based on the level of play or loyalty points that players have accumulated. Some platforms offer rakeback deals in the form of poker tournament entries instead of money.

How Has the Amount of Rake Changed Within the Poker Industry?

As online poker continues to gain momentum, the amount of rake in poker has significantly changed. The higher competition among online poker platforms has led to decreased rake percentages that they take in the pot.

The reduction in the rake percentage can be attributed to several factors, including online casino operators striving to attract and retain poker players. Additionally, technological advancements and improved efficiency of online poker sites have enabled lower operating costs, which ultimately leads to lower rake amounts.


In the vibrant world of poker rooms and the prominence of online poker sites, smart poker players recognise the importance of considering the rake when planning their strategies.

Whether you prefer playing live poker games or the convenience of an online poker room, it is important to be aware of the differences in rake rates on online poker sites to find lucrative opportunities to gain profit.

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