Influence of Track Conditions on Dog Racing


Dog racing is a popular canine sport betting market as it has low stakes but high payouts and bonuses. While betting on this sport is affordable, lucrative, and easy, it is significant for bettors to understand that track surfaces and weather can impact dog racing track conditions.

Understanding this aspect is essential for bettors since it enables them to tweak their betting tactics and place well-informed bets. Consequently, the following are the track surface and conditions bettors should consider while online betting in Singapore:

Surface Types in Dog Racing

Not all racetrack surfaces are suitable for all race dogs. Different surfaces can have varying impacts on agility and athleticism. Below are the common racecourse surfaces for dog racing:

Natural Grass

Natural grass was the most utilised racetrack surface among numerous dog racing matches during the 20th century, and it is still being used now. It is a cushion to a dog’s joints, bones, and paws, which helps canines be more comfortable to run on than other track surfaces.


According to a journal published by the MPDI in 2020, sand can provide the most consistent and secured racing surface in dog racetracks. But only if it has enough impact attenuation components that can damp the first impact shock and provide enough traction for the canine’s stable gallop.

This surface is recognisable for its provision of a firm and cushioned footing, allowing canines to have good traction while racing. Its cocoon-like effect makes the dogs’ joints and muscles easier to move. These factors are sufficient as it has a lesser amount of energy lost to dogs, improving their performance in the race. Thus, most racing events for dog racing in Singapore and worldwide run on sand.


This track surface is more unchallenging than other coats and is easy to maintain. Dirt track surfaces are mainly dry and even, enabling dogs to have a solid footing while running. This factor can help them accelerate and push off faster during the race.

Synthetic Materials

Track surfaces made with synthetic materials usually consist of recycled rubber coated, synthetic fibres, and sand. They are known to be safer than dirt when it comes to equine breakdowns, as it is far more consistent, durable, and versatile.

A racetrack with a synthetic surface creates an environment that prioritises the racing dogs’ well-being and performance. Hence, it is used to permit racing to continue as it provides a balance of traction, regardless of bad weather.

Weather Conditions and Their Impact

Despite all the invented tools to predict weather conditions, it is still a natural phenomenon that can inevitably change. Thus, if you want to place smart bets when participating in this type of sports betting, it is much more efficient to learn all the various dog racing track conditions in different weather beforehand.

Natural Grass

This kind of track is highly affected by various weather conditions. When there is heavy rain, it can create a muddy racecourse, which can affect the dog’s capability to run effectively.

On the other hand, when there is excessive heat, it may result in a harder surface. While the canine’s paw pads will naturally become more rigid when they walk on rough terrain, they can crack and become infected. Thus, applying protective paw balms on dogs is significant as an aftercare when they finish the race.


Sand tracks are beneficial during wet or rainy weather, considering they can prevent waterlogging. But when it rains excessively, the surface may become heavy, which can impact the dog’s speed during the race since the wet sand can stick to their paws and affect their performance.

Meanwhile, hot weather can cause the sand racecourse to be more heated. This state harms canines since the temperature can cause discomfort in their physical condition.


Like natural grass and sand, dirt is dependent on the weather. It will become hard when it is too dry, increasing the risk of injuries. On the contrary, a muddy track can impact the dog’s maneuverability and grip.  

Synthetic Materials

As a manufactured component, synthetic racetracks are unaffected by interchangeable weather conditions. Compared to natural surfaces, like dirt, sand, and grass, this artificial material can prevent water logging, has the ability to efficiently and effectively drain water, and is not prone to hardening during dry weather. The reason why many racetracks utilise it is that it offers a more stable racing environment.

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