Sports Betting Tips: How to Minimise Losses on Sports Betting?


Losing is the norm in sports betting. Bettors partaking in sports betting in Malaysia can still incur losses even with the most effective sports betting strategies. This is why many people see betting as an activity where gamblers lose more money than gain some cash.

But while losing is normal in betting, punters can still limit themselves from losing big in sports betting. Here are some of the ways how bettors can minimise their losses:

Keep Sports Betting as a Hobby

It is a lot easier for bettors to just have fun while betting on sports than to stress themselves and play with their luck to make a profit from it. While it may seem that professional bettors have a perfect life – earning thousands of dollars by wagering on sports and being able to hold their own time – it is not as perfect as it seems.

Professional sports bettors also lose in some of their betting activities. And since most of them place high wagers, they also face the consequences of losing big.

For the majority of the betting population, losing a big amount in just one wager would be a considerable risk for their bankroll. Therefore, to minimise losses, they might want to consider keeping sports betting as a recreational hobby. Labelling it as an entertainment activity does not take away the fun of betting; instead, this can actually help them avoid losing too much of their bankroll as well as disbursing their finances.

Have Proper Bankroll Management

A bettor who wants to minimise their losses needs to implement an efficient bankroll management plan. Proper handling of their betting funds can help them maximise their profit potential and reduce their risk of facing financial consequences.

The most basic strategy sports bettors can implement to ensure proper money management is to decide how much of their finances will be used for their betting activities. After establishing the amount, they then have to determine how much of their bankroll will be used on each wager they will be placing. In general, it is ideal to bet only 1 to 2 per cent of their entire bankroll.

Stop Betting on Too Many Games

Impulse betting is among the reasons why bettors incur big losses when partaking in betting activities. Betting on too many games – even profitable games – does not increase their chances of earning larger profits, but it actually leads them to lose more money than expected.

It is recommended to focus on one sport at a time. This will help bettors to have a more disciplined approach to betting. They will be able to devote their time and energy to learning the basics of the sport and creating profitable betting strategies.

Always Research

Although the most common connotation with gambling, may it be playing casino games or betting on sports, is that it is an activity that usually involves the element of luck. However, this will not always be the case. In sports betting, making the most informed decision possible can increase a bettor’s chances of winning.

The level of chance can be reduced with thorough research. If bettors are not familiar with a certain aspect of the sport or match, it is recommended for them to read up on the teams and players, rivalries, or even injuries or suspensions. This will help them get a better background about the teams or players playing in sporting events.

Accept Losses and Stop Chasing Them

Sports bettors need to be realistic when partaking in betting events. They must understand that losing is a norm in gambling, and even with in-depth research and analysis, their bet can still lose. And when they do lose, it is ideal to avoid getting carried away by their emotions and avoid placing more wagers.

Setting realistic expectations and accepting losses will enable bettors to limit the pressure on themselves. This will also keep them from following the adrenaline rush and giving in to the temptation to continue betting. Consequently, it will allow them to stay disciplined with their betting behaviours.

Having unrealistic expectations can put bettors in a dangerous situation. For instance, they might put too much pressure on themselves to try to regain their losses. Failure to accept their losses and attempting to regain them can lead punters to financial instability and, in worst cases, lead them to debts and bankruptcy.

Do Not Bet Under the Influence

Betting on sports is already tricky, even when doing it sober. Therefore, bettors should not overcomplicate things – this means they should not place bets on sporting events when they are under the influence. Sports bettors who are not 100% focused on what they are doing (betting on sports) run the risk of making mistakes with their money.


In sports betting, it is quite impossible to always win every bet. This comes as not every game will favour the bettors – the odds are, in general, rarely in favour of the punters. Consequently, there will be times when bettors will experience losses, and recreational bettors experience more losses than wins.

Nevertheless, bettors can limit their losses in each wager they place. And this is by implementing effective and profitable strategies that they will embody throughout their sports betting journey. Learning to accept their losses, having effective bankroll management, and thorough researching are among the techniques that will help bettors minimise their losses.

Moreover, bettors can also minimise their losses by finding a reputable sportsbook where they can safely place their wagers on sporting matches.

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