Beginner’s Guide: How to Get Started in Football Betting 

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Football is a popular sport in Europe and Asia. A few examples of Asian countries that love football are Singapore and Malaysia and their love for football enabled them to have huge appetite in betting to their favourite football teams across the world. Their love and passion are why football has always been the most popular Singapore sport bet.

Singaporean and Malaysian bettors commonly bet  football leagues like the EPL, or the English Premier League. As the popularity of football betting grows each year, so does the number of new or bettors exploring sports betting. These beginners must have proper knowledge about football sports betting to avoid having a negative experience and huge losses. Here are the basics of football betting and how to get started. 

Some Examples of Betting Markets

Betting markets are representations of possible result in a sports match. In football, the betting markets can be divided into almost hundreds in a single match depending on the sportsbook’s capabilities. These betting markets focuses on specific elements of the match, such as the match winner, finishing order or even the final score. Betting markets are used to offer bettors odds depending on different outcomes that the market features. This is to help the bettors to determine where they would like to wager. Here are some common betting markets beginners should know.

1X2 – 1×2 bets are very popular in sports betting particularly in football. In some sportsbooks and online betting sites 1×2 bets can also be named as Moneyline bet, most of the time these two terms are interchangeable. 1 stands for home, X is for draw and 2 means away. This is the most common bet type and is very popular for being beginner-friendly. Bettors should simply stake whether for home team win, away or draw, and away team win. Here is an example. To compute for possible returns, use the formula of a decimal odds which is:

Odds * Stake = return

Using this example from Singapore Pools, if a bettor is to stake $100 to any of them and it wins, the results will be:

Home win – $210   Draw – $310   Away win – $310

Over/Under – Just like 1×2, this specific betting market is also beginner-friendly and easy to understand. Over/Under betting is also called Totals in other sportsbooks, but there are other markets that focus on the total goals and exact total goals. In this betting market, bettors must accurately predict the total or the combined score of both teams and guess whether it will be over or under a certain scoreline.

Here is a simple example of Over/Under betting:

In this example, the gaol of a bettor has to accurately guess if the total goal count of an upcoming matches will be over or under 2.5. Singapore Pools predicts that there will be either over or under 2.5 totals gaols in the upcoming match between Sunderland and Wycombe and Arsenal and Everton.

If the bettor wagered a $100 dollar for over 2.5 in the Sunderland and Wycombe match and it wins, the total return will be $220. If the bettor wagered a $100 dollar for under and it wins, the total return will be $158.

Often, the odds on the betting lines have half points (.5). In some rare cases, bookmakers set the total as whole number. A Push happens in when the total is set in whole number like 2 or 4 points, and the actual results hits exactly. The sportsbook the bettors wagered with will refund the bet no matter what the bettor wagered on.

Double Chance – This betting market is one of the most popular in football betting. Double chance betting is what exactly its nae says, it is a bet where bettors are combining two possible outcomes in one bet. A football team has three possible outcomes in a match, either win, lose or draw. In a regular match outcome bet, bettors put money in one of these outcomes only. On the other hand, in double chance, bettors can bet on two outcomes which decreases the risk of losing. The only disadvantage is that the odds will be lower since it has higher chance of winning. Bettors can bet on:

1x – Home win or draw

12  – Home or away win

2x – Away win or draw

To better understand double chance betting, here is an example:

In this example from M8Bet, UMEA FC will be the home team and Taby FK will be the away team. There is also a selection where bettors can bet for full time odds or first half odds. But for this example, we will focus on full time odds. Bettors can wager on 1x – Home win or draw, 2x – Away win or draw, 12 – Home or away win.

If the bettor wagered $100 for 1x – Home win or draw, bettor predicts that Umea FC will either win or end the game with a draw. If the bettor wins the bet, using the decimal formula for profit and total return, Stake*odds = tolal returns will be $112. $100 stake returned and a $12 profit.

If the bettor wagered $100 for 2x – Away win or draw, bettor predicts that Taby FK will either win or end the game with a draw. If the bettor wins the bet, using the decimal formula for profit and total return, Stake*odds = total returns will be $120. $100 stake returned and a $20 profit.

If the bettor wagered $100 for 12 – Home or away win, bettor predicts that either Umea FC or Taby FK will win. If the bettor wins the bet, using the decimal formula for profit and total return, Stake*odds = total returns will be $211. $100 stake returned and a $111 profit.

The Legality of Sports Betting 

Some countries prohibit the act of gambling and sports betting. In Singapore, there are regulations about sports betting like Common Gaming ActBetting Act, and Remote Gambling Act that Singaporeans must strictly follow. Malaysia has almost the same conditions when it comes to sports betting and other forms of gambling. But this doesn’t stop Singaporean and Malaysian football bettors for there to be loopholes in these laws and regulations, and with that offshore sportsbook betting in Singapore and Malaysia is still possible.

Betting alone with no one else around should be enough. Make sure to only use trusted and safe online betting sites like 88ProAsia.  This online betting site prioritises the bettors’ safety by providing one wallet system that eliminates the use of multiple bank accounts for every betting transaction. Less hassle, more time to bet.


Since football betting is becoming more popular and more accessible to anyone, more and more people are trying it without prior knowledge. It is best to learn where to start and learn the basics to increase the possibility of winning and to have better time when betting.

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