Soccer Betting Guide: Basic Underdog Betting Strategy


One of the best things about online betting in Singapore and anywhere in the world is that there are many ways to bet and win. Some bettors profit from underdog betting, while some prefer to put their stakes in the favourites. In today’s view, no matter if it’s a favourite or an underdog, most bettors only focus on value. When talking about value, it is evident that underdog bets have greater value than favourites since the less likely a possibility to happen, the higher its pay if it pushes through. However, underdog betting is risky if done incorrectly and without preparation. Here is some basic information about underdog betting and basic underdog betting strategy for bettors.

Underdogs and Favourites

It is known that understanding the difference between favourites and underdogs is one of the basics when it comes to Singapore football betting and other sports bets. It is essential to differentiate the two since they both dictate the odds. The side that is most likely to lose is known as the underdogs. Bettors can wager on them in both live and future bets. The sportsbooks decide which side is the favourite and underdog based on winning streaks, level of performance during previous matches, track records and many more.


United Gaming odds show clear favourite and underdog odds.

Most sportsbooks and online betting sites indicate which side is the favourite and the underdog. The easiest way to see which the underdog is is by looking at the odds offered. Underdog odds are higher than the favourites and provide more significant payouts. Due to the bigger payouts, underdog betting can always seem attractive. However, if done without proper preparation and knowledge, it can also be a source of losses.

How can Bettors Win Underdog Bets?

To increase the chances of winning underdog bets, bettors should learn when to bet on an underdog. It starts with understanding the implied probability and odds. Odds indicate the bet payout and the implied probability of winning. Higher odds mean less likelihood of winning and higher payouts. Understanding the odds can help bettors decide if underdog betting can be their best bet. The following section contains some basic proven strategies to help win underdog bets.

Basic Underdog Betting Strategy

Although risky, underdog bets can be possible with the help of a well-planned strategy to increase the chances of winning. Below are some of the strategies bettors can use to win underdog bets.

Do Tons of Research

This is considered a no-brainer and has been advised not only for underdog betting but for betting in general. Extensive knowledge about teams, players, and sports can be a great advantage. It will help bettors have better-informed guesses rather than staking blindly or always going for the favourite. While there is nothing wrong with betting on a favourite, it won’t make anyone a big winner if they are aiming for more money or value. Do deep research about their match performances, team injuries, lineup, and many more to ensure a better-informed guess.

Be Patient

After all the research and calculating the probability, having patience and monitoring the odds is also essential. Before deciding if betting on the underdog is an intelligent move, consider the odds changes when betting early. This is vital, especially if the underdog is up against a well-performing favourite. Instead of betting on a rush, the lesson is to use the time to your advantage.

Don’t Follow the Hype

It is almost common to see the media and fans sensationalize winning teams and big names in sports. The underdog gets unnoticed until a big match or a colossal upset happens. So, when the media is pressing on a team or a superstar, examine the odds of their contender. There’s a chance the underdogs get favourable odds. If the bettors’ predictions and informed guesses are correct, underdog betting can give bettors huge profits.

Consider Match Schedules

In sports betting itself, the match schedules are a vital factor for a team’s level of performance over time. Sometimes, teams will be playing consecutive matches for a week. If they are up against a team with only a few weekly matches, it lowers the winning chances for the favourite. The favourites might be very tired and burnt out. The opposite can also happen when the underdog has a busy schedule. The key here is to have good research and better judgement.

Determine the Importance of the Match

There are a lot of factors contributing to the size of underdog odds. One of the vital factors is the importance of the match. The bettors need to determine the rank of a game. See if it is a friendly game, a cup, a championship, or a league since it dramatically affects the underdog odds. Most of the time, less important games are likely to have higher odds.

Smaller Stakes, Minimum Risks

Some bettors are not fans of the “higher risks, higher return” strategy, especially when betting on an underdog since one small mistake can turn into a considerable loss. That is why controlling the number of bets and budget is an excellent way of minimizing the risk of losing a significant amount of money when making an underdog bet. Bettors can do that by putting minimum bets. Bettors do not have to worry since they will still have huge payouts if it wins.

Place Underdog Bets Live

As mentioned earlier, underdog betting is possible in both live and pre-match. However, unlike pre-match bets, live betting provides real-time information that bettors can use to decide whether an underdog bet is a good option.

Ideal Betting Market for Underdog Betting

1×2 Bets

1×2 bets are one of the most common betting markets that work well with underdog betting. This is because it also offers enormous underdog and draw odds. If a bettor thinks that the underdogs won’t win but is confident they can draw the match, this is a good backup option. Putting the game in a draw is possible, especially in football.

First Goal

If a bettor is great at team analysis, this market is an excellent place to bet on underdogs. All they need to do is choose the team likely to score first. And for sure, the team with less probability of achieving the first point will have higher odds. To pull off an underdog bet win in this market, however, will need extensive research and accurate prediction.


Underdog betting can produce better profits than betting on a favourite. This attracts people to try underdog betting, looking for better payouts. However, it’s known to be a risky method, especially if not knowledgeable about proper ways of doing it. Luckily, some strategies can increase the chances of making underdog betting possible and receive more significant payouts. It will also help bettors use multiple sportsbooks and online betting sites for better underdog odds.

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