Safest Betting Markets for Beginner Sports Bettors

Safest Betting Markets for Beginner Sports Bettors 02

Sports betting has continued to gain momentum in recent years. It allowed people to add thrill and excitement to their habit of watching sports and have a friendly competition with their families and peers. In addition, betting on sporting matches enabled gamblers to make extra money.

But before partaking in online gambling in Singapore, beginner sports bettors must understand the activity’s basics and technicalities to become more profitable in their betting journey. This includes understanding the betting types and knowing which ones are the safest or best markets for rookie bettors to place wagers on.

Straight Betting

Straight or ‘singles’ betting involves placing a bet on one specific outcome. Bettors can place wagers on the team or player they think will win the game or competition.  

This betting type is popular among bettors because it is easy to understand and has high odds of winning, offering gamblers a 50% chance of winning. Rookie bettors can place a straight bet even with minimal knowledge and almost no betting skills and still receive a profitable return on their wager without accumulating as much risk as they would on other betting markets.

The singles betting may be considered one of the safest markets beginner bettors can wager on as the stakes are usually low, which means the amount they can potentially lose is lower. But despite lower payouts, compared to other more complex bet types, placing single bets can be profitable over the long term.

Total Line Betting

Total line betting, also known as totals or over/under betting, involves placing bets on a specified sum of the final score in a sporting match. Punters will have to decide whether the two teams’ combined score will be over or under the number set or indicated by the sportsbook.

Moreover, several sportsbooks also provide other over/under betting lines for punters to wager. They often open betting lines where bettors can wager on points or goals scored in the first halves and quarters of games and matches.

Totals betting is a safe market for beginner bettors as this allows them to bet on the flow of the game instead of the outcome. Consequently, this type of bet gives gamblers flexibility in their betting activities, enabling them to wager still even if they are not quite sure who will be victorious at the end of the match.

Handicap Betting

Handicap betting or point spread betting is the betting type where bookmakers impose conditions for a bet to be won. This is usually offered in less balanced games or matches where one team is superior or favoured.

Generally, bookmakers determine which team is favoured to win the match, and then they will “handicap” the favourite team and give the underdog a “head start.” It is up to the bettors to decide whether the sportsbook’s pick is over or understated.

Numerous sportsbooks offer this betting market on various sports, such as tennis, where a handicap can be applied to sets and games; rugby, where one team will be given a point advantage; and golf, where bettors are often allowed place handicaps on players’ rounds.

Moneyline Betting

Moneyline bet is the simplest bet type rookie bettors can place as there is no point spread, and they only have to select which team or player will win the game. But while they only have to think about who will win or lose the game in this betting market, bettors need to understand how a Moneyline bet pays fully.

The payout process for this type of betting line can be complicated and confusing. To understand the payout process in Moneyline betting, bettors must learn how to read Moneyline odds. In this betting type, odds can be displayed in three different formats (American, decimal, and fractional odds), depending on the sport and bookmaker.

Decimal odds are expressed in a simple decimal format. Punters can multiply their wager to the decimal odds to calculate payouts.

Fractional odds are more commonly used in Ireland and the United Kingdom. Punters can determine their potential profit by checking the first and second numbers in this odds format. When the first number is greater than the second number, the payoff is greater than the wagered amount. Conversely, if the second number is greater than the first, the net profit is less than the amount staked.

American odds format is the most commonly used format in the United States and Canada. Each team/person is given a different numerical value (odds) for bettors to wager on in this format.

Bookmakers determine the odds based on how the two opponents match up. The favourite team or player is usually listed with a minus (-) sign and is expected to win. On the other hand, the underdog team or player is listed with a plus (+) sign and is expected to lose. These signs signify how each side of the wager will pay. The number with the minus (-) sign shows what bettors have to pay to win and will gain a net profit less than the original bet, while the plus (+) sign will pay more than the original wager.


It is essential to know which betting market is the safer option for bettors who are just starting their betting journey. This will allow them to manage their bankroll better and steadily earn a profit, and experience the thrill of gambling for a longer time.

Apart from knowing which betting market options to wager on, it is also essential for punters to select a trustworthy platform to use for their betting activities.

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