Your Ultimate Tennis Betting Tips for Beginners


Tennis is one of the most loved sports in the gambling industry. Millions of people enjoy tennis betting as it offers thrilling experiences and opportunities to make money. And because there are many tennis tournaments available per year, bettors look for reliable tennis betting tips to maximize their profit.

Additionally, tennis punters can now enjoy gambling in online sports betting Singapore. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic’s adversities, the internet makes it possible to allow them to identify the Singapore pool current odds and watch tennis tournaments online. While betting on tennis becomes more convenient, it is essential to learn the basics of the game and look for available betting tips to improve your gambling skills.

Understanding the Game

Tennis is a mental and physical game. It is played on a rectangular court with a net across the center. The goal is to hit the ball, landing it within the court’s margins and preventing the opponent from returning it. The player scores a point when the opponent cannot hit it back within the court. The match is finished when a player wins the most sets in a best-of-three or a five system.

Many countries are hosting several major tennis tournaments in the world. These are the following:

1. Wimbledon Tournament

2. US Open Tournament

3. Roland-Garros Tournament (French Open)

4. Australian Open Tournament

Tennis players like Roger Federer, Naomi Osaka, and Serena Williams are among the highest-paid tennis players in these large tournaments. They are recognized and adored worldwide because of their skills and winning matches in the field of tennis.

Apart from these, tennis provides entertainment and opportunities for bettors. Compared to other sports like football and basketball, you do not have to wait for a season as you can place your wage throughout the year. And if you are good at analysing and reading a sports match, then tennis live betting is a perfect hobby.

Tennis Betting Tips for Beginners

Betting on tennis has proven to be one of the most straightforward and enjoyable ways to collect potential payouts. As long as you know how to analyse and strategise recent tennis matches, then you have a higher chance of getting a winning result. Here are some of the tennis betting tips for you.

Learn the basic rules

Success in tennis betting relies on a solid understanding of its mechanics. Before placing your bets, it is vital to understand its basic rules and objectives. In tennis, you will see two players for singles and four for doubles. They stand on the opposite side of the court and use a rocket to hit the ball back and forth. If a player commits an error, then the opponent wins a point.

Professional matches are either three-set or five-set games. You can wage on who will win the match or the number of games. Knowing the rules makes it easier to follow the match and decide which betting markets you should use.

Know your tennis betting market

If you are a rookie in tennis betting, it is essential to understand each type of bet. It is better to start with the most popular bets, which are easier to learn. Here are some of them:

Match Betting

Match betting is often similar to moneyline and outright betting. In this instance, you’re not picking the winner of the entire tournament but only the game you’re interested in. There is no draw, and you can choose either one of the players.

The odds of favourites are usually lower than those of the underdogs. But lower odds do not necessarily mean one side is more likely to win.


A scorecast wager involves placing bets on the exact score of a set and the expected winner. The odds of winning are higher because you’re betting on two outcomes. However, it also comes with a greater risk than other markets.

Handicap Betting

Spread betting, or handicap betting, can increase the odds of winning the match or outright. Instead of betting on the outcome, you can bet on the margin of win or loss. You can give one player a handicap or boost the odds of the weaker players to create a level playing surface before the match starts.

Over/Under Betting

Over/under betting is usually a bet on the number of sets in each game. You are not betting on a winner here but on the length of the match. This section’s most famous market is typically over/under 2.5.

If you are confident that players will play the tennis match in two sets, you should place a wager for less than 2.5. If, however, you believe the game will go longer, you can choose over betting.

Check market odds

There are different odds for each market. You can check which market has the best odds and use it for all your tennis betting. It increases your chance of winning, even if you don’t increase your stakes or wager on more games. Many punters make match bets but need to consider other lucrative markets offering higher payouts.

Track your betting record

Consider betting as on a business venture where you can track the gains and subtract the losses. It is possible to track how you bet, identify any mistakes you made, predict markets well, and manage your bankroll during a given period. You can view your betting record in the history tab of your account.

Consider player form and injuries

Most punters only focus on past performances and overlook any injuries or other issues that could affect their physical health. These problems can lead to poor performance and a loss to a stronger opponent.

You can quickly search the player’s physical fitness by entering the player’s name and adding the words “form” or “injuries.” This information will allow you to determine if the player will play as expected during the next match.

Pay attention to the game’s surface

The game’s surface has an impact on match results. Hard courts, for instance, make the ball bounce low and keep the rallies short. Clay courts, on the contrary, allow for a more powerful bounce and slow down the ball. This makes rallies last longer.

Some players excel on certain surfaces. It is helpful to look at their strengths and weaknesses to help predict how they will perform in the match. Look at the ground on the internet and check out the statistics.

Choose the best bookmakers for tennis betting

Choosing the right bookmaker for you that provides the best tennis tips and predictions is essential. Finding the right bookmaker is difficult as many offers different tennis betting markets. Here are things you should look out for when selecting a bookmaker:

  • Betting markets and tennis matches
  • Tennis betting odds
  • Live streaming from all tennis tournaments
  • Promotions and welcome bonuses

In addition, the best way to do this is to look for a trusted and well-respected online betting site. These bookmakers provide several betting markets and lucrative offers in tennis betting.

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