What is Esports betting?


The COVID-19 pandemic has opened more opportunities for the esports betting industry. Global investors, media outlets, and consumers are paying attention to its popularity and nature, making it a multi-billion dollar industry. According to Market Growth Reports, the esports betting market is expected to reach approximately $24 million by 2028.

E sport Malaysia is also gaining traction in Asia, unleashing its great potential to accumulate revenue. Malaysian esports generated a $947 million net worth in 2021. Because there is money in esports betting, more gamblers target high odds to increase their chances of winnings.

What is Esports Betting?

Electronic sports or esports refers to competitive online gaming. They are streamed live with a large number of viewers worldwide. Online platforms like YouTube and Twitch provide accessibility to watch the game as long as you have a device and internet connection. And if you are an esports fan, betting on these online games allows you to gain profit while enjoying watching your favourite teams.

Esports betting allows you to place bets on the outcomes of an online game. You will need to consider several aspects of esports, including the players’ skills, the prospect MVP, and the game’s final score. While there are many games available, these are some of the best for betting:

  • League of Legends
  • Overwatch
  • Valiant
  • Call of Duty
  • StarCrafts
  • Rainbow 6
  • Hearthstone
  • Alex Legends
  • Dota 2
  • Free Fire
  • Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Furthermore, as you begin your esports betting journey, you must familiarize yourself with its gameplay and esports odds. They play a vital role in determining your potential earnings if you win. They can also help you differentiate between the favourite and underdog teams. Besides, you will encounter several esports odds formats in sportsbooks, such as:

  • Asian odds
  • American odds
  • Decimal odds
  • Fractional odds

These formats make eSports gambling sites more accommodating in providing easier odds conversion.

Popular Esports Betting Types

Match Winner

This betting type is simple and easy, especially for rookie bettors. It requires you to predict which team will win the game. In this betting, the odds are fixed. It means you can calculate the odds before the match.

Map Winner

Map winner is a popular bet, especially on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO)  and League of Legends (LoL) events. This betting option allows you to predict which team will win the map. For instance, in a CS: GO game between Astralis & GODSENT, you can bet on Astralis as the winner of Map 1. And if they win, you also win your bet.

Most bookmakers enable you to wager on the outcome of specific maps in esports games. If you are familiar with a team’s map pool, you will have an advantage in this bet. However, most wages are closed by the time the draft begins. Hence, it all boils down to analyzing team play styles and game approaches.


Outright is the most common type of bet on esports. You will need to identify and predict the tournament’s winner in this bet. If you got it right, your stake would be multiplied, and the bookmaker will deposit the profit in your account.

Total Kills

Total Kills is a betting option in which you must guess how many kills will be made in a given match. It uses an Over/Under format. In the example shown in Map Winner bet, total kills over 2.5 is a good bet in a CS: GO match. If the total kills are more than two, you win the bet. In Dota 2, the team with the most kills might not win the game, but betting on the right individual might still win you money.

First kill/blood

In esports games, the first kill or blood often has special significance. A victory in the pistol round might provide a significant advantage to the winning team. First blood in multiplayer online battle arenas (MOBAs) delivers a gold and experience lead. An early game lead can impact the rest of the game, and teams with an aggressive play style or players noted for their handgun skills will have an advantage.

System bets

System bets will require you to place more than one esports wager. To win this bet, you must make all your selections win. However, it is worth noting that these bets can yield very high payouts. While it takes some luck to win such a bet, the payouts you can get from online gambling sites are worthwhile.

A Guide How to Make an Esports Bet

Placing an esports bet is simple. However, you need to choose the correct process to maximize your earnings. If you are new to esports betting, here is a guide on how to place an esports bet.

Find the right bookmaker for you

It is essential to choose the best esports betting platform. The best bookmaker must cover most esports tournaments to allow you to explore various teams and games. It should also offer competitive odds and a wide range of esports market options.

Register for a betting account

Before you can access esports information and begin betting, you must open an esports bet account. Once you have created an account, load the esports sportsbook of your choice and fill out the registration form. Then, the operator will either email the link to your sportsbook account or direct access to your lobby.

Make a deposit and place your bets

Choosing a safe payment method for your bets is crucial in esports betting. You can choose from VISA, PayPal, MasterCard, or Skrill. After depositing cash in your account, you can place your bets. However, placing a wager is more complex than it sounds. You must choose a market to make a prediction and then research the esports events. After submitting the bet slip, you will need to wait to see the result to determine if you have won or lost the match.

The Potential Impact of Esports

Like traditional sports, competitive esports gaming has opened many betting opportunities. Although it is new in the industry, esports is adopting its styles based on sports betting trends and developments. Punters need in-depth knowledge of esports and its predictions to adjust to market changes.

Live game streaming and numerous open-source broadcasting and capturing tools have significantly increased game-related video content. And because esports are becoming more practical and convenient to fans, many are shifting from traditional sports to online gaming.

However, as more people participate in esports betting, some concerns like addiction might develop significant issues. These can negatively influence their physical health, causing anxiety, sadness, lost careers, or difficulties in their relationships with friends or family.


Esports is one of the most competitive sports with entertaining leagues. Its popularity has led to the rise of esports betting sites offering online betting tournaments such as Dota 2 and League of Legends. Over the following years, esports will grow in large markets, encouraging more potential gamblers in the industry.

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