Understanding the Global Sports Betting Trends


Sports betting continues to gain momentum worldwide. It gives sports fans the opportunity to make money while watching their favourite games. Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the sports betting sector persists in expanding its market and providing customers with innovative sports betting trends.

According to U.S.-based market research and consultancy firm Grand View Research, the worldwide sports betting sector is projected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.2% between 2022 and 2030. Several factors, including sports betting trends, technological penetration, and the growth of digital infrastructure, fuel the need for sports wagering. Since the internet is becoming more accessible, people engage more in leisure and income-generating activities like online betting Singapore.

Football events generate more revenue than all other sports combined. It accounts for more than 23% and is anticipated to expand in the coming years. Regarding market share, horse racing ranked second, with a predicted growth rate of 10.3% over the projected period, while basketball and baseball are also likely to attain 10% growth.

Additionally, the expansion of sports leagues and events is projected to stimulate the betting sector. This increases gambling and favourably impacts the betting industry.

Sports Betting Industry Adapting to Digital Technology

Numerous businesses, including sports bookmakers, are seeing the consequences of digitalisation. As consumer awareness of the internet world increases, more sports betting platforms develop. The rise of smartphones and tablets has created a competitive atmosphere, and these platforms are providing new types of betting markets.

Technology and software advancements led to the birth of the first online casinos. Mark and Andrew Rivkin founded Intertain as a secure internet transaction system in 1995. To implement the concept in a practical setting, the brothers founded WagerLogic, a business that licensed and supported gaming software. This initiative resulted in InterCasino, the first application to enable real-money online gambling.

While land-based casinos remain popular, online gambling is now more preferable. Online casinos and sportsbooks are becoming more in demand, so developers have created immersive online games that can be enjoyed from anywhere. You can play online slots or bet on sports at reputable online casinos and also enjoy the benefits offered by technologies, all without ever leaving your home.

Furthermore, traditional sports betting has shifted online to offshore sportsbooks, where odds are more competitive, and the red tape is more minimal. Offshore sportsbooks offer hundreds of markets and cover every major competition. This lets sports fans bet on their favourite teams and players in real-time.

Sports Betting Trends that Shape the Gambling Industry

Modern gamblers can readily engage in sports betting and interact with sportsbooks Malaysia due to the accessibility of the internet and the prevalence of mobile applications. Today’s sports betting is different from what it was decades ago. The market is currently adjusting to several technological innovations and trends. Here are a few sports betting trends influencing the present sports betting markets.

1. eSports Betting

Betting on esports is a common pastime. Bookmakers provide odds on every facet of competitive play. Unlike conventional wagering, it can be live-streamed to millions of spectators worldwide. In recent years, this has turned esports into a billion-dollar industry. According to Market Insights, the global esports betting market was valued at $12.6 billion in 2020 and is anticipated to reach $20.7 billion by 2027.

In light of its growing popularity, young people must understand the possible risks. Betting on esports and other forms of in-game gambling is unregulated. Individuals under the age of 18, or in some countries, under 21, are nonetheless susceptible to gambling-related dangers.

2. Crypto-based Betting

One of the benefits of cryptography is the protection of anonymity, reliability, and speed in currency exchange transactions. This is especially significant given that the online sports betting ecosystem facilitate hundreds of billions of dollars in wagers annually.

Effective withdrawal and deposit activity are also taken into consideration. By offering more significant pay-out percentages, casinos might gain a competitive edge. However, players can also choose where to wager based on how quickly they can withdraw their funds and how secure the site is. Some sportsbooks provide a variety of payment methods, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum.

3. Micro Betting

Micro betting is the practice of wagering on individual game minutes unrelated to the final score. It settles rapidly, unlike live betting, so bettors do not have to wait until the conclusion of a game. The expansion and success of micro-sports betting coincide with the proliferation of online betting apps. Here are the top sports that often have micro betting markets:

  • Football (NFL)
  • Basketball (NBA)
  • Baseball (MLB)
  • Hockey (NHL)
  • Soccer (various leagues)
  • Golf / tennis (most tour stops)

4. Artificial Intelligence

Similarly to other businesses, artificial intelligence offers enormous prospects in the sports betting market. With many available sports statistics, AI is the ideal tool for analysing data trends and predicting SG pools odds. Before putting wagers on players, gamblers can now examine predictive analytics and game information. Because novices have greater access to information, sports betting is appealing to them.

In addition to predicting trends, AI may help improve the user experience by personalizing communications, reducing extraneous information, and facilitating increased recreational betting. AI can also provide simple instructions to new users, so they do not feel overwhelmed by the new world of mobile betting.

5. Technological Advancements

Most of the positive trends in online betting are due to technology. The technology solutions are simply scalable and optimized for the most significant number of users. Aside from this, numerous sports applications utilise 5G technology to support high-volume, low-latency real-time interactions. Hologram broadcasts and commercialisation of virtual reality (VR) devices with 5G connectivity are in the process of implementation. This can create a new revenue stream in online sports betting.


Technology advancements have always spawned new online sports betting trends. The industry’s rapid expansion gives rise to numerous user expectations and opportunities. While online sports betting has great potential, it faces many challenges in strengthening integrity and protecting users. These problems can be solved with the right technology and trusted online betting websites.

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