Soccer Betting Guide: All About Goal-Based Markets


Football or soccer is a famous sport enjoyed and practised in many countries around the world. Since football is played worldwide, online soccer betting in Singapore and other major countries has become one of the most lucrative betting industries. With online soccer betting, sports fans and bettors get an opportunity to increase the thrill of every match and acquire some cash by betting on a team to win.

However, regularly wagering on betting markets based on who or which team wins can be a bit boring as it becomes redundant. Luckily, there are other betting markets that can bring more thrill and excitement as well as sound money aside from standard bets, such as goal-based markets.

What is a goal-based market? To make it all simple, it’s a market that covers the possible goals of a match. It can include anything, from the possibility of both teams scoring to whether or not they will see more goals in a game. This market is famous because of its high odds and easy prediction. Like other markets, it doesn’t matter what the game’s outcome will be. It is determined by the game’s goals and not the overall winner.

Here is a Soccer betting guide for some well-known goal-based markets to help bettors enjoy and get better profits.


This first goal-based market is considered one of the most beginner-friendly betting markets for its simplicity. In other sportsbooks, the over/under betting market is also known as Total goals over/under. This betting market requires bettors to bet on which sportsbook’s prediction of total goals is most likely to happen. To help clarify, here is an example from Singapore Pools soccer odds:


For the match between Arsenal and PSV, Singapore Pools predict that the total goals will be 3.5. The bettors now must bet for whichever they think is most likely to happen. Either it is over 3.5 or under 3.5.

If a bettor stakes $100 for Over 3.5 and wins, the total return will be $220.


Odd/Even betting market is considered one of the simplest betting markets to understand. This goal-based market requires bettors to wager on whether the collective goal score will be odd or even. Odd/Even bets are available for half-time and full/time sections.

For rookie bettors, starting from half-time Odd/Even bet is recommended since it is easier to predict the first half scoring than the whole match scoring. Here is an example from CMDBet.

image 1

For this match, based on the odds, CMDBet is in favor of the game ending with an even number of total goals. Let’s say a bettor is to go against it and stakes $20 for odd and wins, the total return will be $19.4.

Both Teams To Score

BTTS or Both Teams To Score is also called Will Both Team Score in other sportsbooks. This betting market is one of the most straightforward markets suitable for beginners. As its name suggests, bettors need to wager on whether both teams will score a goal in the match or not. Here is an example from Singapore Pools.

image 2

If a bettor is confident that both teams will score staking $100 for it and wins, the total return will be $158. If a bettor is to stake $100 for No and wins, the total return will be $215.

Aside from the abovementioned betting markets, bettors can also bet on similar but a bit challenging goal-based betting markets such as:

Total Goals

This betting market requires bettors to predict the total goal for a match accurately. Although it sounds simple, accurately predicting the goal is not. Bettors must research about both teams to determine their ability to score goals. This requires a lot of attention and time. Here’s an example of the Exact Total Goal betting market from CMDBet.

Western United Vs. Macarthur FC

image 3

For the match between Western United vs Macarthur FC, CMDBet gave probabilities of winning or odds for each possibility of total goals. Let’s say a bettor predicts that the match will end with only one goal and stakes $100 for it. If the bet wins, the total return will be $367.

Correct Score

This goal-based betting market requires bettors to predict the final goal score of a soccer match accurately. The simple mechanics make it easy to place a bet in this market, but accurately predicting the final score of a football game is difficult. This requires thorough research and analysis of each player and team to pull off. Here’s an example of CMDBet.

image 4

There are 25 score predictions for the match between Qatar and Ecuador. The odds of each prediction are bolded below each score prediction. The last option to the right, AOS (Any Other Score) details any other score that is not included in the selection, is excluded. Since soccer is naturally low scoring, the higher score prediction gets the lowest odds of winning.

If a bettor is to stake $100 for a 2-0 score prediction and wins, the total return will be $1,500.

First Goal/Last Goal

Last on the list is the First Goal/Last Goal Betting Market. This goal-based betting market requires bettors to figure out who amongst the teams in a match is likely to have the first and the last goal. However, if bettors think that none of the teams will score any goal, an option called No Goal is available. Here is an example from CMDBet:

image 5

In this match between Qatar and Ecuador, the odds for no goal are low, but it will provide higher returns if it wins. If a bettor is to stake $100 for it and wins, the total return will be $970.


Bettors getting bored and tired of Moneyline bets and want to try something new yet easy to understand can go for goal-based betting markets. While goal-based markets may not be the easiest to win, they are easier than guessing which team will win. To have a more enjoyable time betting on sports, bettors should practice or try on the three markets that we mentioned than the five other markets. They can have a more enjoyable time betting as less research and effort are needed than in the three other goal-based markets.

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