Worst Advice to Follow When Betting on Sports


Sports betting provides entertainment value, but understanding the variety of sports wagers and what the numbers in a line mean can be overwhelming in the beginning. Still, knowing these factors can help bettors succeed in their betting experience and grasp how sports betting works.

The quality of information regarding sports betting cannot be overstated. Being informed with sound advice for sports betting is usually the most apparent distinction between winning and losing. However, not all sources of information and advice are as reliable as others.

Filtering through sports betting advice to find beneficial knowledge for online sport betting Singapore is becoming more demanding. While experienced and seasoned bettors typically know how to navigate around accurate information, beginners still need to learn about sports betting and its ups and downs.

To help bettors avoid costly mistakes in sports betting Singapore results, listed below are some advice that beginners should not consider. Learning about bad advice in sports betting can help beginners thrive in the long run.

1. Always Placing Bets on The Favourites

Beginners usually make this common mistake as they are unwilling to risk a lot. Due to this, they would always lean on betting on their favourite team. However, betting on the favourite does not automatically mean that they will win all the games.

A bettor’s profit by betting on the favourite choice can be smaller and unprofitable. Doing so would lead to bettors raising the amount of their bets to try and earn money sooner or later, which could be detrimental to their bankroll, especially with a limited budget.

2. Constantly Changing Stakes

When beginners start their betting endeavour, one of the first things they must address is their budget. Managing money can be one of the most significant disciplines needed to be a successful sports bettor.

However, some gamblers need help with proper bankroll management with a small amount of bankroll. Some also tend to change the stakes they place based on their betting performance.

When on a winning streak, thinking twice and considering strategies before risking more is crucial. Meanwhile, when a bettor is on a losing streak, avoiding chasing and trying to win back all losses in one big bet is essential.

3. Leveraging the Gambler’s Fallacy

It is also crucial for beginners to learn about gambler’s fallacy or the belief that if something happens more often than expected in a certain period, it will happen less frequently in the future. For example, a bettor sees that a black number has hit the last ten spins in the roulette table and prompts to bet on the red because it has not happened.

The logic that something can happen since it is due is flawed. The gambler’s fallacy also applies to sports betting. If a team loses the first two games, it does not mean they are guaranteed to win the third game based on chance and probability alone. It is also crucial to conduct thorough research on sports betting to make informed decisions and succeed.

4. Betting Based on Hunches

Betting based on hunches and intuition is the worst sports betting advice for beginners. Winning sports bettors use available statistics and pieces of information that they can find through research to make educated decisions on which betting lines can offer value and which don’t. When a bettor places wagers based on hunches, they need to base it on information that can help them win bets.

The biggest reason why it is crucial to avoid betting based on hunches alone is to understand how sportsbooks set their betting lines. Sportsbooks set betting lines based on mathematical formulas to generate a relatively equal amount of bet totals on each side of a game. They do not create odds based on hunches alone.

Bettors need to be careful of finding statistical information that can back up their hunches while ignoring other information. It is easy to find reasons why something might work, but if a bettor does not consider all the facts and information they can access, they are simply betting on a hunch.

5. The Lines Predict the Final Score

One of the biggest mistakes a beginner bettor makes is assuming that bookmakers’ betting lines and totals predict the contest’s final score. While the betting lines usually do an excellent job predicting final scores, they are not designed to do so.

Bookmakers create betting lines to receive roughly an equal amount of total bets on each side of a game. They adjust the betting lines as bets come in if they start getting too much on one side of the bet to balance the risk involved.

6. Placing More Wagers

While placing more wagers can be exhilarating, doing so does not guarantee more profit. When gamblers engage in high-volume betting, they tend to stretch themselves too thin and lose more money along the way. Instead of thinking carefully about their bets, they expose themselves to risks as they make careless mistakes.

Beginners should prioritise the quality of their bets over the quantity of the bets they place. Failing to do so can be a disadvantage in their sports betting experience. The satisfaction from monitoring a single winning bet is superior to watching an overabundance of bets going down the drain. Low-volume betting may seem boring for bettors at first. But once they establish a sound betting routine, they can steadily increase the number of their wagers over time.


Figuring out strategies in sports betting can be challenging. However, some punters can do it, and a big part of that is avoiding the common mistakes that losing sports bettors make.

For those new to sports betting, an obvious first step is searching for valuable and helpful advice online and in the gambling community. Even if this is a good step, they might not be rewarded as some terrible advice can be easily accessible. Verifying information with multiple sources can be helpful before applying it in sports gambling endeavours.

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