What You Need to Know About the Tier et Tout Roulette Strategy

What You Need to Know About the Tier et Tout Roulette Strategy

If you want a complex challenge in online gaming Malaysia, you can explore how the Tier et Tout strategy works. While it is relatively easy to learn, it is considered one of the most advanced roulette betting systems that allows flexibility. It also requires you to make calculations and take notes of your bets on a regular basis.

Tier et Tout strategy’s flexibility allows it to be applicable in different set-ups where the risks and rewards can be adjusted. If you want to play it safe in roulette, you can easily do so with this strategy on bets like Red/Black and Even/Odd markets in an online casino.


What is the Tiers et Tout Roulette Strategy?

The strategy was invented by Thomas Garcia, a famous Spanish gambler who won big in the German Homburg Casino in the 19th century. His success in gambling has led other players to try and use his strategy for roulette bets decades later.

The Tier et Tout roulette strategy, which translates roughly as “third and all,” involves dividing your wager into three parts. The first aspect is placed on a tier, while the second aspect is placed on the “et” (and) wager, which wraps the digits between the roulette tiers. Meanwhile, the third aspect of the bet is set aside as profit.

This strategy offers the possibility of covering a comprehensive range of digits in an online casino Malaysia while placing tier bets. Tier et Tout lets you increase your bankroll with a steady flow of wins to a certain extent. It mixes aspects of the Labouchere system (a negative progression system) and Reverse Fibonacci system (a positive progressive system).

How To Use the Tier et Tout Betting Strategy

In the Tier et Tout strategy, the wagers are divided into three tiers or parts. Before placing the first bet, you split your bet into three parts and then wager the first part. Every time you win, whether on your first or second bet, you will end up having a new amount that can always be divided by three. This sequence is always repeated, which limits you from placing more than two bets maximum with the amount you have.

For instance, if you have $6 to wager, you will place $2 as your first bet, and if you lose, you will place another wager that consists of the remaining 2/3, or $4 overall. Every win provides you with a new total that you can split into three parts and wager 1/3 of the bet in the next round.

The whole point of using the Tier et Tout roulette system is to earn enough profits that can be used for wagering instead of your money. Using this can help you protect your bankroll and give you flexibility to play and have fun with roulette without much worry about losses.

Relevant Preparations for Using the Tier et Tout Strategy

There are four points that are relevant to using the Tier et Tout strategy, which are the following:

Ensure that you have a calculator at hand

This betting strategy consistently requires you to divide your bankroll into three. To make the calculations easier and avoid headaches, it is advisable to use a calculator, which makes it more manageable.

Keep track of your bets

The point of using the Tier et Tout strategy revolves around securing a bit of profit from your betting bankroll at regular intervals. To keep track of winnings, you will need something to write on.

Adapt the betting strategy to your bankroll

It can be easy to lose more than you can afford using Tier et Tout as it relies on two losses not happening in a row. While this can happen a lot, even with this low-risk strategy, you must not place more bets than you can afford to lose.

Use the Tier et Tout in a way that makes the most sense to you

The Tier et Tout strategy is very flexible and can be applicable in various ways. It can be used on different types of betting markets, and you must choose a way that works well for you based on your preferences and betting goals.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of the Tier et Tout Strategy?

The Tier et Tout strategy at roulette tables offers the possibility of quickly reaching large profits while easily controlling losses. However, this strategy can be considered demanding because certain calculations have to be made, and every result must be taken note of.

If you prefer a fast-paced roulette game that allows you to have significant returns in a short period, the Tier et Tout is the proper strategy that you can try at the roulette table. Unlike other negative progression systems like Martingale, each betting round is short, and you can opt to stop if you think your betting bankroll is getting too low.

However, the biggest downside of the Tier et Tout betting system is that it requires you to win within two coups only. Having the chances of losing twice in a row exceeding 25% may result in quickly depleting your entire starting bet amount.

This betting system can also be challenging for new gamblers due to its complexity. If you are playing a roulette game in an online casino, you need to use a pen and notepad to calculate your bets and how much you should set aside.

Countering the Weakness of the Tier et Tout Strategy

Turning the stream of losses in the Tier et Tout strategy can be done with two minor adjustments, which are:

● Securing more profits than what you are supposed to do.

● Securing your entire stake as profit at some point.

This modification of the betting strategy makes it similar to the Paroli betting system. However, instead of doubling the bet after every win, you buy yourself a second chance by only increasing it by half. This adjustment to the Tier et Tout also helps you secure minor profits when the stake cannot be divided by three, which is not one of the features of the Paroli system.



The Tier et Tout strategy can help you combine the possibility of winning big in online gambling without risking too much. However, one of the biggest disadvantages is that it takes two losses in a row to lose the starting amount, which can happen very often. To lessen the risk of losing your entire bankroll when gambling, you should choose a starting amount that is only a tiny part of your total budget.

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