What You Need to Know About the Paroli Betting System


Gamblers who want a straightforward strategy utilise progressive betting systems to increase profits. The concept behind using a progressive betting system involves adjusting the size of the wager depending on the outcome of the previous bet.

Progression betting can be used when placing bets on sports events, but it is also commonly applied when playing casino games like slots, roulette, and blackjack.

One type of progressive betting system is the Paroli, which is one of the most popular among bettors who like to use it. The two main objectives of the Paroli system include consistently gaining small wins and lowering the risk of significant losses.


What is the Paroli Betting System?

The Paroli betting system is a positive progression system that involves increasing betting size after each win. Gamblers mainly use this as it targets small stakes and aims to consistently improve one’s odds of winning. In the Paroli system, the risk of losing in online gambling Singapore is substantially low. If a bettor wins the bet, they must double their stake.

The term Paroli originates from the Latin word “par,” which means “one who is equal to.” This positive progression betting system was successfully used by gamblers while playing Basset, an Italian card game in the 16th century. Today, it is commonly used when playing baccarat and roulette. Bettors can also use the Paroli system for any casino game with 50/50 odd bets, such as craps and blackjack.


How Does the Paroli Betting System Work?

The first step in utilising the Paroli betting strategy is to decide the base wager amount while considering the total amount in a bankroll. The base wager amount should be around 2% to 5% of the amount the bettor can afford to lose. For example, if the punter has a bankroll of $500, having a base stake of around $10 to $20 can be a suitable place to start.

Each time the player wins with their base stake, they must double the following bet. If a $5 initial bet wins, the next stake that a bettor must place should be $10. Consequently, if the $10 bet wins again, the next bet should be doubled to $20.

After a third consecutive win, the bettor should stop increasing their stake and return to their initial bet. The reasoning behind this methodology is that winning three in a row is common and much more likely than winning four bets or more.

When players lose a wager using the Paroli system, the following stake should go back to the base stake. Unlike other betting systems, the bet should never be increased after losing.

Variations of the Paroli Betting System

As bettors delve deeper into this betting system, more variations emerge, which provide a different approach to the same betting model. The Paroli betting system has two variants: the Inverted Paroli and Extended Paroli.

Inverted Paroli System

The Inverted Paroli system is a variation that focuses more on losses than wins, which may be similar to the principle of the Martingale betting system. In this Paroli betting system, the bettor needs to double their stake on a losing bet to cover their loss from the previous wager. The stake will remain the same after a win, and the punter should return to their base stake amount after getting three losses in a row.

Extended Paroli System

The Extended Paroli is a variation that emphasises wins depending on the amount a player wants to place as their wager. The bettor must double their wager after every win and keep the same value following each loss. After three straight winning wagers, the bettor must return to their initial bet since the probability of winning reduces.


Advantages of the Paroli Betting System

Following a Paroli system when placing bets on a Singapore betting site comes with various benefits, which include the following:

It is a Straightforward Betting Strategy

The Paroli betting system is very straightforward, and does not require bettors to memorise a sequence of numbers or use a chart. It can be easy for beginners to learn and become adept at using this strategy.

It Does Not Require a Large Bankroll

One of the benefits of the Paroli system is that it does not require bettors to have a large bankroll. Using this betting system is a great way for bettors to practice disciplined bankroll management. The Paroli system discourages bettors from becoming overly comfortable and confident during winning streaks. It also prevents them from chasing their losses, a behaviour that could negatively affect their betting bankroll.

It Maximises Winning Streaks

Another crucial advantage of the Paroli system is that it takes advantage of a bettor’s winning streak, which can be psychologically beneficial for a player. Since the Paroli betting system is a positive progression system that involves increasing the bet amount after each win, it allows bettors to get additional profit for winning streaks. This is a striking contrast to negative progression systems like the Martingale system that require bettors to increase the stake after a loss.

It Can Be Used by Bettors Who Have Low Risk Tolerance

For bettors with a low tolerance for risk, the Paroli system can be a suitable choice. While it does not guarantee a significant profit, it allows bettors to minimise losses and be in the game longer than when using other betting systems.

Table Limit Is Not a Problem When Using the Paroli Betting System

When using the Paroli betting system, there is also less chance of bettors reaching table betting limits. This also provides bettors with the potential to get consistent small wins and ensure that they do not suffer big losses when they encounter a losing streak.

Does Using the Paroli Betting System Guarantee a Profit for Bettors?

No betting system can guarantee profit for players. However, the Paroli system helps reduce losses and makes it possible to increase stakes after each win. The Paroli system is based primarily on winning streaks, and there is no guarantee of how long a player needs to wait to get their winning streak.


Following the Paroli betting system also helps bettors consider bankroll allocation and management instead of randomly increasing or decreasing stakes. This betting system gives more control and allows bettors to stay at the table longer to play casino games or be involved in other gambling activities, such as sports betting.

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