What is Quinella Betting in Horse Racing?


Online horse racing betting can be an exciting activity for many sports and betting enthusiasts, and it is also an opportunity to earn money. But for bettors who are looking for a challenge, they can explore quinella bets, a type of exotic bet where they can place wagers to predict the top two horses in a Singapore horse result.

What is Quinella Betting?

In quinella betting, the bettor picks two horses that will most likely finish the race in first and second place. The two horses can finish in any order as long as they are the first two top finishers in the race.

The simplicity of quinella betting is one of the reasons why it is popular among many bettors. It is not just a straightforward bet you can place, as the ability to select two horses to finish in the first two places can make the market easier to win than others.


How is Quinella Betting Payout Calculated?

Quinella betting is paid using a parimutuel betting system. In this type of betting system, all wagers are pooled, and the dividends are rewarded based on the amount of money in the betting pool, the number of winners, and the stake per bettor.

Betting Requirements for Quinella Betting

Each bookmaker has its way of deciding which types of bets can be offered. Typically, bookies that allow quinella betting make it available in most races on the card. However, if there is a smaller number of horses in a race, sportsbooks might not be available for that race—on the grounds that it might be too easy to win.

Different Types of Quinella Bets

Straight Quinella Bet

This is the most straightforward type of quinella bet, where you must select two horses to finish first and second in the same race in any order. A straight quinella bet covers only two outcomes that involve the performance of the two horses in the race. It is important to take the losing permutation away from any winnings you can make.

Quinella Box Bet

A quinella box bet is where you can add several horses to your ticket and increase the number of combinations. You can add at least three, which is one more than the standard quinella bet. While it is possible to include all the horses in a quinella box bet, it is not advised as the cost can add up.

Quinella Wheel Bet

A quinella wheel bet or a key bet allows you to have one key horse in all combinations to make different bets. In this type of bet, you choose a horse that is most likely to win and then select multiple other horses to create multiple bets. You win in a quinella wheel bet on every outcome in which the keyed horse achieves first or second place.

This type of betting is a good option if you are confident about at least one horse finishing in the first two places. However, when making multiple selections, it is important to note that the costs for a quinella wheel bet can quickly add up. You must be careful of a quinella payout that is smaller than your total wager.

Partial Quinella Wheel

This is an alternative bet if you do not doubt the horse that will win the race but also consider the possibility of other selections to have a good chance of winning. A partial wheel bet is more affordable for bettors than a full wheel.

Techniques for Effective Quinella Betting

After looking at how quinella betting works, it is also crucial to know which strategies are effective. Here are some strategies you can implement to increase your odds of winning a quinella bet.

Oppose Favourites Where Possible

You can find more value for your bet anytime you find a race where the favourite has a decent chance of losing. Opposing favourites can be a strategy to consider since many bettors place wagers on them. The more people with winning tickets, the lower the payout for parimutuel betting systems.

Use Box Bets for Additional Combinations

Bettors who do not use box and wheel bets lose a lot of potential value on the table. There are instances where these markets can be used, but some bettors can overlook them. Meanwhile, there are also some situations where box and wheel bets for quinella are used incorrectly.

The quinella box bet must be used in a strong and vastly competitive race where three or more horses have higher odds of winning, not just placing. Adding multiple mid-long-priced horses in betting can be a relatively small investment.

For example, you want to bet on a race with 12 horses where you see three potential winners. Instead of selecting the two shortest-priced horses and placing a straight quinella bet, you can place a boxed bet to create three outcomes that offer more value.

Avoid Larger Fields

Avoiding horse races with more than 12 runners is also a helpful strategy in quinella betting. In a larger field, more variables may affect the outcome of your bet. It can also be intimidating to attempt to narrow down a large field to just two possibilities.

What is the Difference between a Quinella and Exacta Bet in Horse Racing?

Both quinella and exacta bets have similarities as they are both exotic bet types that require bettors to pick the top two horses that will win the race. But the biggest difference is that exacta bets need bettors to accurately predict the horses that will finish first and second place in the correct order. Meanwhile, this is not the case for a quinella bet, as bettors must select the right two horses regardless of whether they finish in the order that a bettor has chosen or not.

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Quinella betting is an exotic bet suitable if you want a challenging betting market. When placing a quinella bet, it is crucial to have a grasp of the various elements of a wager, which includes the race track, race number, type of bet, and the number of horses to bet on.

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