Tips on How to Increase Profit on Sports Betting


Betting on sports is prevalent in Singapore and Malaysia. Punters in both countries love sports and gambling, with many of them partaking in online sports betting Singapore to bet on the games they like to watch. This enables them to add excitement to their hobby of watching sporting events, compete with their families and friends, and of course, make a profit from it.

But to guess the sports betting Singapore results and increase your chances of winning or profitability in sports betting, you must employ the right sports betting tips. Here are some strategies you can utilise to increase profit on sports betting:

Risk Only the Money You Can Afford to Lose

Being strategic with your sports betting bankroll is one of the ways to increase your profitability. Wagering within the range of your gambling budget will help you reduce the risk of disbursing your finances. This also reduces your risk of severe financial consequences such as bankruptcy.

You can increase your bankroll and stakes anytime if you are regularly winning; however, if you are just starting with your sports betting activities, it is vital to be extra calculative.

Wager on the Most Profitable Sports Bet Type

To boost your experience and increase your profitability, you must know each type of sports wager and determine the best one for you. Here are some of the sports bets you can place on sporting matches.

Straight Bets

Straight bet, also called “Singles” Bet, is among the most basic type of wagers yet offers profitability in the long term. It involves placing a wager on a specific outcome of a match, such as which player or team will become the winner of a game or competition. The odds in a straight bet are set at 11/10, which means for every $11 you wager, you can win $10 more.

Moneyline Bets

Moneyline bet, or “Win” bet, is the type of wager you can place if you want to bet on a player or team to win without any point spread.

But while the betting process is straightforward with the moneyline bets, its payout process can be confusing. Bookmakers list the favourite team/player with a minus (-) sign, and the underdog team/player is listed with a (+) sign. These signs play an essential role in the payout process:

  • The numerical value with the minus (-) sign represents what bettors have to pay to win;
  • The numerical value with the plus (+) symbol represents what bettors will earn when they wager a specific amount.

For instance: Oakland Raiders (-130) vs. Carolina Panthers (+150)

If you decide to bet on the Panthers, you will only need to wager $100 to have a $150 profit. Conversely, you will have to wager $130 to win $100 in profit if you wager on the Raiders.

Over/Under Bets

This is another popular type of bet you can place in many sports betting markets. When placing this wager, you will have to determine whether the issued specified total by the bookmaker for the final score of both players or teams in a match is over or under the actual score.

Proposition Bets

This type of bet is, also called props bet or specials bet, the wager you can place for events that occur within a match, season, or series. Props bets are often based on an individual player or a team’s performance or a wide range of statistics.

Proposition bets offer colossal flexibility that you can take advantage of, particularly if you are aiming to make money from your betting activities.

Parlay Bets

Parlay bets are another popular type of sports wager you can leverage to gain higher payouts. In this type of wager, sports bettors need to place two or more bets of point spreads, moneylines, over/under, or even props bets on different matches into one ticket.

But, before placing a parlay bet, you must also consider that while this type of bet offers higher payouts and even a thrilling experience, this is also the wager with higher risks. If one bet in the parlay ticket loses, the whole parlay bet loses.

Bet Objectively

Betting on sports to experience the sensation of thrill and excitement often leads many punters to get carried away by their emotions. This is something you must avoid when partaking in any sports betting event. Making emotional decisions can reduce your chances of winning and even increase your profit.

Conversely, when placing wagers, you must first make an informed bet based on the flow of the game and the information you have gathered. To make rational decisions that can increase your profit, you must bet objectively using research and analysis of statistical performance data.

Take Advantage of Online Bonuses

Sportsbooks have a wide variety of bonuses and promotions that they use to attract new clients and retain old ones. They offer free bets or enhanced odds and sign-up bonuses, among other rewards and promotions that can boost the betting experience of their platform users.

But apart from this, you can also utilise online bonuses to your advantage. You can leverage them to increase your profit when engaging in sports betting activities.

Shop Around for the Best Betting Markets and Odds

Another way to increase your profitability in sports betting is to leverage the best betting markets and odds. To do so, you must look for the best sports betting platform.

With the abundance of online betting sites, it may be challenging to filter which platform is best for your sports betting activities. When selecting a sports betting website, you must consider the betting markets and odd lines. It would be best to shop and compare odds to determine pricing discrepancies and if you will get good value in the odds laid out by the online sports bookmaker.

Moreover, below are the other aspects you must also consider when choosing a sports betting site to use:

  • Licenses and Certifications
  • Exemplary User Interface
  • Payment Options
  • Customer Service
  • Accessibility
  • Promotions and Offerings

Study Trends Before Placing Bets

Sports betting is not just about deciding which team to bet on based on the odds line. It also requires research of the history of trends as well as records for every team.

Trends are vital for sports betting. Patterns and past performances of teams are handy in predicting the outcome of an event. In fact, team betting trends evaluate performances that relate directly to an event’s outcome. Utilising trends can help increase your profitability in sports betting.

Do Not Increase Your Average Wager

In sports betting, it is imperative to remain consistent with your strategies when placing wagers and your stakes. So, for instance, your average single-game bet is a $25 risk, then stick with that for your future bets after winning. If you get a net profit of $28 in return, put it aside and continue betting only $25 or less.

Even the most experienced sports bettor wins only 53 to 55 percent of their placed wagers. Trying to double your stake to double your winnings, particularly after hitting a bet, can lead you to lose all your betting money if you lose.

Given the scenario, it would be best to set aside your winnings and avoid overdoing your betting activities. This technique can help if you want to increase your profit.

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