Things to Know about Online Cockfight Betting


Cockfighting is an ancient practice involving two or more specially bred gamecocks placed in an enclosed pit for fighting. Typically, it is done for entertainment and gambling purposes. Cockfights can last for thirty to sixty minutes and end in the death of one or both birds.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the gambling industry. Thus, online cockfight betting has become more prevalent in authorised sportsbook Malaysia. Unlike traditional cockfighting, it is more convenient and accessible for bettors. It allows them to experience exciting and memorable online betting Malaysia while generating profit to address everyday expenses. Read on to learn more about online cockfighting.

Advantages of Online Cockfighting

As previously said, online cockfighting has become popular over the years due to the following benefits:

  • Easy Access and Play

Online cockfight betting allows bettors to place their bets remotely for live cockfighting matches or events. In the case of live events, online cockfights allow you to wager on digital or even actual roosters from the comfort of your couch. You may quickly begin betting by registering for an account on online betting platforms or downloading cockfighting applications and games from the App Store, Google Play, or Microsoft Store.

  • Discourages animal cruelty

The primary concern with blood sports like cockfighting is the severe violence and aggressiveness involved. However, this problem was remedied by cockfighting online.

Experts developed a new variation of the game for online play; thus, no animals are included. It is the primary cause of the recent surge in the number of individuals betting on cockfighting. 

  • Multiple Gambling

In contrast to conventional cockfighting matches, when players could only wager on a single event, online cockfighting allows players to wager on multiple outcomes simultaneously. This system enables gamblers to place any wagers or bets they like.

Know Your Game Cocks

Roosters that are involved in cockfighting have been specifically bred for aggression. Their innate fighting tendencies are amplified by breeding, feeding, training, steroids, and vitamins. These factors help them become prepared to battle to the death. If you’re new to betting on cockfighting, you should know that there are typically three kinds of gamecocks sent to battle.

  • Red cock

The red rooster has a red comb on the crown of its head. This cock is renowned for its endurance, which enables it to outlast many of its competitors.

  • White cock

The white rooster’s appearance matches its name. It possesses swift footwork and the ability to strike early during combat.

  • Five-Coloured Cock

The five-coloured cock is known for its adaptability and overall combat effectiveness.

Additionally, here are some of the greatest fighting rooster breeds you can consider when betting:

1. Kelso Fighting Roosters – This type of gamefowl is considered the smartest fighter among other breeds. They do not jump into the opponents, but they shuffle and weave to execute their air attack.

2. Shamo Fighting Roosters – This type of bird has long legs and muscular bodies. It is one of the aggressive gamefowls in the cockfight industry.

3. Hatch Fighting Roosters – Apart from cockfighting, this type of bird is used for exhibition purposes. Their fighting style is often compared to a bulldog, as they have the courage and tenacity to turn down their opponent.

4. Sweater Fighting Roosters – This type of gamefowl knows how to brawl its opponents into submission. Their relentless attacks overwhelm their opponents, making them the most feared breed of roosters.

5. Asil Fighting Roosters – This breed is the oldest among the gamefowl types. It is known for its high stamina and pugnacity.

6. Roundhead Fighting Roosters – These roosters are smart fighters with weaving abilities. They are aggressive and fast-cutters.

7. Spanish Fighting Roosters – This gamefowl is known as the fighter of Spain and is one of the best fighting birds in Europe.

Factors to Consider When Betting in an Online Cockfight

Bird’s overall condition

Before the combat begins, you must observe and judge which game bird is superior. This is similar to how the spectator watches roosters in the cockpit arena during the physical cockfight. Observe how they fly, leap, and use their beak.

Additionally, you should evaluate their agility, strength, and stamina. Among these, stamina is the most essential to consider as it can help you assess if the bird can still fight despite its injuries. It is also essential to consider the weight of the rooster. Lighter cocks are more advantageous than heavy game cocks as they are faster and more aggressive.

Bird’s Track Record

Similar to traditional cockfighting, online cockfights have announcers. They provide commentary on the battle, enhancing the event’s excitement. Before the match starts, the broadcasters give the statistics of the participating birds. These include victories, defeats, draws, and current weight. It is advisable to wager on the bird with the best winning percentage.

Furthermore, you can also consider the trend section that appears during the live cockfight. This section has coloured circles indicating the previous effort of roosters and their present chances to win the match. The red circle shows you the gamecock’s number of wins while the blue one implies its number of losses. Apart from these, a yellow circle indicates the number of draws in the game. You need to consider the dominating colour to know which of the gamecocks are present in the match as well as their standings in the game.

Game Fowl’s Trainer Reputation

Apart from the bird’s characteristics, it is equally important to consider its owner and trainer. Their reputation and experiences can highly influence the odds. Owners or trainers with good reputations have better odds than those with questionable reputations. Besides, those who have sufficient experience are more confident to fight than those inexperienced ones.

Online Cockfight Betting Tips

Explore New Bets

If the odds have been against you for an extended period, it’s time to try something new. Generating money from cockfighting is a game of numbers. You will not regularly win if you continue to place the same wager. This implies that you will need to place a new one.

It would help if you attempted to diversify your bets to avoid falling into a rut. One of the wagers may pay off and lead to greater success.

Utilise Bonuses and Promotions

When making online cockfight betting, you need to utilise your bonuses and promotions to generate more profit. Incentives such as rebates and cashback can help you avoid losses or win something back whenever you are experiencing a losing streak.

Look for reputable sportsbooks

Suppose you want to experience online cockfight betting. In that case, you first need to know whether your betting site is authorised to execute online cockfight events by the government. Those illegal betting sites might ruin your gambling reputation and let you face corresponding penalties and fines. 

Respect and discipline must be a part of every sector in the gambling industry. It is essential to build trust and a good reputation in cockfighting.

A legal gambling sportsbook ensures that its client’s funds are safe, making online cockfighting a secure form of gambling. They don’t allow fraudsters to use their services, and they aim to make their clients feel confident using their platform.

Manage Your Bankroll

Being a successful gambler is more than just being knowledgeable about the cockfight industry. How you manage your bankroll can make a difference in your betting journey and will prevent you from acquiring excessive gambling debts. Remember only to bet what you can afford to lose and be patient in achieving your winning bets.

Where Can You Bet in Online Cockfight

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