Tennis Betting: How to Bet on Tennis?

Tennis-Betting:-How-to-Bet-on -Tennis?

Bets on tennis were initially popular among a narrow group of bettors. However, with the development of live broadcast and online sportsbook betting Singapore, tennis betting has become one of the most prominent betting markets for bookmakers.

Tennis betting is considered a lucrative betting market due to its advantages, particularly the regular occurrence of games, the game’s popularity, and the lack of problems with translations and sources of information.

What is Tennis?

Tennis is a racket sport usually associated with singles play or one-on-one. However, tennis can also consist of four players in a doubles format.

The gameplay of tennis is straightforward. The court is rectangular, marked with lines, and divided with a 3-feet high net in the middle. A player takes one side of the net and plays.

The principal aim of tennis as a game is to hit the ball within the restricted lines on the opponent’s side of the court. If the opponent cannot return the ball, then the point is awarded to the player.

When betting on tennis, bettors should know the scoring terms so they would know where they stand. In particular, scoring in tennis has a specific sequence; the player who reaches forty points first wins a game, the player must win six games to win a set, and three sets must be won to win a match.

If the game’s result is 2:0, the official or the line judge pronounces the game as 2-love.

How Tennis Betting Works

There are different ways to bet on various tennis matches. The most popular betting options for bettors are the tennis spread, moneyline, and the over/under betting market.

  • Moneyline Betting Market

The moneyline betting market is considered the most popular betting market in tennis. It involves simply choosing the outright winner of a tennis match.

With the moneyline betting market, a better approach for bettors is to research and look at the past performance of the two players before checking the moneyline odds. Looking at the past form of players can help bettors make betting decisions based on actual and proven performance in matches.

Regarding betting odds, the favourite typically has a negative sign (-) in front of their number, while the odds for the underdog will have a positive sign (+).

  • Tennis Spread

Another betting option for bettors is to wager on the game spread. Spread betting in tennis involves bettors predicting how the game will unfold and the opportunities to cash in the bettor’s predictions if a sportsbook has a different opinion. One of the typical tennis spreads offered betting on the number of games a tennis player will win during a tournament.

Tennis matches usually feature considerable odds since single-player sports have less unpredictability than team sports. With this, the spread helps in levelling the playing field.

  • Over/Under

In tennis matches, the over/under betting market enables bettors to wager on the number of sets or games played. In this betting market, the focus is not on a particular player but on the overall match structure.

Usually, bettors have 2.5 over/under odds, which means that the prediction is that the match will have two straight sets. If bettors think two sets will be in a tennis match, they wager on under 2.5.

However, bettors must remember that tennis matches are best-of-three or best-of-five sets. Every player must win six games in total to win a set.

If there is a tie situation of 6-6 for the set, the players will have to play a tie-breaking game to determine the winner.

Tennis Betting Strategies

Tennis betting continuously grows worldwide as many sportsbooks offer betting odds and options that bettors can explore. Plenty of readily available information and statistics about tennis can help bettors make informed betting decisions. With this, bettors can make cash on the courts with the appropriate strategy and tennis betting tips.

  • Consider the player’s playing styles.

A helpful tip for tennis betting is to consider playing styles aside from rankings and recent form. As a one-on-one sport, playing styles in tennis can be more critical to matchups.

Each tennis player has distinct strengths and weaknesses. Their head-to-head history can uncover some interesting trends and patterns in their performance as tennis players. While recent wins and losses can still be some factors to consider, tennis bettors also need to be aware of the playing styles of each tennis player as they place their bets.

  • Fitness Matters

The fitness of players is also crucial to consider in tennis betting. Tennis is a physically gruelling sport that requires constant movement, meaning that players must be at their best in fitness. Bettors must be aware of which factors can make fitness more critical, such as the weather, the length of the match, injuries, and time off of players between tournaments.

Knowing which tennis players are in peak physical condition can help in betting. While an opponent can start strong in matches, a more fit player can take over down the stretch in terms of endurance.

  • Observe the mental states of the players.

Bettors can also pay close attention to players’ mental states as they study their body language and facial expressions during the game. It can take time to learn how different tennis players react to various emotional states and other events. Studying match logs and identifying tennis players with the most notable responses can be significant when placing bets.


Tennis is a type of sports game involving principles applicable to players and spectators. With its simple gameplay and lack of particular time for a match, tennis betting can be a type of betting that bettors can consider trying out to gain profit and have an entertaining betting experience.

The best advice to earn money and gain profit from tennis betting is to follow the form instead of personal feelings. Reliance on past performance, statistics regarding previous results, and observations can guide bettors toward a better betting decision.

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