Sportsbook Strategies: How to Read the Scoresheet


Reading score sheets and Singapore Pools live odds can be challenging for many sports bettors. It can feel like learning a new language, especially for beginners who sometimes visit the sports betting world for entertainment.

There are different ways to show how much the bettor can get back from their bet in Singapore soccer odds. Once bettors get the handle on calculating Singapore Pools live score, they can enjoy their betting experience much more.

The most basic form of sports betting odds for bettors is the moneyline, wherein bettors pick an outcome, and the sportsbook offers odds that roughly match the likelihood of the outcomes.

Reading Sports Betting Lines

Sports betting lines are made of betting odds, and if a bettor can understand the odds, it can be one of the primary determinants of the bets that are worthwhile for bettors. Odds are usually displayed in different formats in sportsbooks.

Format of sports betting odds

  • Fractional odds

The fractional odds are also British odds relative to a bettor’s stake. The fractional odds are unique and displayed in fraction format, for example, 9/5, which is read as nine to five and not nine over five.

  • Decimal odds

Decimal odds are also called European odds and continental odds. Decimal odds refer to the betting odds displayed in a three-digit number with a decimal point between the first and the second number.

Out of the three betting odds format, decimal odds are considered the most accessible odds to work with for bettors. The decimal odds sports betting lines make it easier for bettors to calculate the number of winnings they can get along with the bet they have placed.

  • American odds

American odds, also referred to as moneyline odds or the US odds, are displayed as a three-digit number with a +/- at the front. The – and + on the sports betting line indicates the future payout that a bettor could get. It also shows whether the bet is on the favourite or the underdog in the sports match.

Negative numbers signify the favourite on the sports betting line. Meanwhile, if the number is positive, it refers to the underdog of the sports match and indicates the amount of money a bettor can win if they place a $100.

Why Do Sports Betting Lines Move?

After the initial release of sports betting odds, the lines would only sometimes stand still and stay the same. The two main reasons for this include betting action and new information on the sports match.

Once the betting lines come out, bettors begin placing bets. Generally, bets from well-known professional players and groups can significantly affect a sports betting line. Spreads and totals in scores can adjust by just a half-point or more, and the betting odds can also move up and down.

Besides this, sports betting lines are also based on the available information. After the betting lines come out, breaking news related to sports events can impact the bettors’ perception and, in turn, the odds in the sports betting line. Examples include an injury of a crucial player in a sports match or a shift in the weather forecast.

Sports betting lines will not move in the same way in various sportsbooks. Bettors who are line shopping can choose the numbers closest to what they believe is the best option.

Sports Betting Markets and Lines

  • Totals (Over/Under)

Sportsbooks sometimes provide bettors with the total number of sports scored by both teams. This bet is called the total or over/under. As a bettor, one must decide whether the game will go over or under or not go over/under in this sports betting market.

  • Favourites and underdogs betting lines

Sportsbooks also decide on the favourite and underdog before releasing sports betting lines. If one watches the sports betting lines closely, there is a team with a minus sign at the front, which is the favourite, and the sportsbook expects the team to win the game. The odds with a plus sign refer to the underdogs of the sports event, and they are expected to lose the game.

What To Look for With Sports Betting Odds

After understanding the basics of reading sports betting odds, it is also crucial to learn the different things that bettors can watch out for with the betting odds.

  • What are the numbers telling in terms of the match?

Moneylines can tell how close of a matchup the sportsbook expects in a game, while totals can give insight into what a sportsbook anticipates for the overall scoring. Reviewing these numbers can give an idea of the sports events that bettors want to focus on.

  • Is there enough value in the bet that can justify the risk in the current odds?

As bettors put money at risk through their bets, their goal should be to have enough value in the bet to justify it. The betting odds dictate expected payouts in the bets, and bettors can gauge whether a bet has worth in terms of the potential payout.

  • How do the sports betting lines look for the same bet at other sportsbooks?

While the betting lines can be similar across the industry, they will sometimes differ across sportsbooks. Line shopping is a step that bettors can consider, as it helps place bettors in the best possible position for potential returns in betting.

As bettors move forward with their sports betting journey, it helps to understand better what the betting lines’ numbers tell. Beyond favourites and underdogs in sports matches, bettors can also determine the payouts on winning bets and the implied probability of game outcomes, for example.


Understanding what bettors place a bet on is a key part of responsible online betting. Sports betting lines can vary across different sportsbooks. It matters enough when large bets are made over time. Smart bettors can take advantage of these differences in sports betting lines by hedging bets at other sportsbooks.

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