Reasons Why You Lose in Baccarat


Baccarat is among the favoured games in any live casino in Singapore and Malaysia. It is a rather elegant and simple casino card game where players bet on a pair of randomly dealt hands. And whichever hand is the closest to a total of 9 is the winner.

Still, despite the rules being straightforward and having no baccarat basic strategy guide needed to memorize, many people are still losing when playing baccarat. And oftentimes, many of these gamblers lose because they think the game of baccarat is just a game of chance and no player can play better or worse than others.

Aside from these bad mindsets and other bad habits when playing baccarat, below are some other reasons why people lose in the game. Learning and figuring out the reasons why you are losing in baccarat will help you limit your losses.

Not Learning the Rules

Many newcomers do not take the time to learn the rules of baccarat before playing. While most rules in baccarat are pretty simple, some rules can be confusing and challenging to remember. And not understanding how to play baccarat, its objectives, and game rules can lead you to more losses than wins.

Betting on a Tie

Making tie bets is among the top reasons why you might be losing in baccarat. Although this type of bet has a high payout (8:1), it is a terrible bet. This comes as ties do not happen often enough; hence, consistently betting on it and hoping for a winning streak will result in a loss of significant sums.

Furthermore, tie bets have a house advantage of approximately 14% – this is significantly higher than the other two types of baccarat bets (banker and player bets). So, for instance, if you bet 100 units on a tie and it loses, you lose 14 units. This is a regrettable amount, particularly if you are aiming to make a profit from baccarat.

Betting on the Player

While the player bet option is a better deal than a tie bet, this is also another baccarat bet type that you might not want to consider making in most of your games.

Although the casino does not take a commission from player wins, the house edge for a player bet is 1.24%. This is relatively higher compared to the house edge of 1.06% in banker wagers, even with the 5% commission taken out from winning banker bets.

Accordingly, while the difference between 1.24% and 1.06% is not that significant, the amount can add up over time. So, for example, if you make 500 wagers of $20 each, you are risking $10,000. If you wager the same amount for the player bet and banker bet, your expected loss is $124 and $106, respectively. And while this is only a difference of about $18; in terms of your bank account balance, it is still better to have that $18 in your account. 

You are Wagering Too Much

Another reason why you lose in baccarat is that you wager too much in each game you participate in. This can be explained using proportionality in mathematics – the amount of money you gamble is proportional to the amount you lose when playing baccarat. So, risking too much on a single wager will increase your chances of losing a significant amount of money in a game.

You are Playing at a Fast Pace

Baccarat is generally a fast-paced casino game, moving much faster than most other table games. This means you can play at least hundreds of hands in an hour.

While playing more hands may be an advantage if you are aiming just to entertain yourself, playing too fast can lead you to lose your bankroll more quickly. In addition, playing more hands at a fast pace will also prevent you from reassessing your strategies.

You Do Not Use Any Limits When You Play

Not employing win/loss limits as well as utilizing a play schedule are two more reasons why you might be losing in baccarat. Without such limitations, you may not be able to track your losses and overall bankroll.

You can employ three limit types in your baccarat gambling journey: baccarat stop-loss limit, stop-win limit, and time limit.

With baccarat stop-loss and stop-win limits, you will set loss and win limits. When you reach these limits, you will stop playing baccarat or take a break from your gambling activities. These limitations protect you from losing more than your expected losses before playing baccarat as well as prevent you from losing your profits by playing baccarat too long.

Meanwhile, with a baccarat time limit, you will simply set a time for when you will play baccarat. This type of limit prevents you from spending long hours playing baccarat, restricting how much you risk and limiting your long-term losses.

You Skip Online Bonuses

While skipping online bonuses is not one of the prominent reasons you lose in baccarat, it is one of the factors that also prevents you from increasing your chances of winning when playing the game.

Making use of bonuses and promotions offered by your chosen online casino in Malaysia and Singapore will enable you to double or extend your bankroll, extend your playtime, and increase your chances of winning big.


The game of baccarat is relatively simple; however, making some mistakes may cost you money. Playing tie bets and player bets more frequently without employing specific strategies may lead you to put too much money at risk. Wagering too much and playing at a fast pace may cause you to incur larger losses.

Consequently, not setting limits and skipping online bonuses and promotions restricts you from becoming strategic with your bankroll. This also constricts you from offsetting some of your losses or boosting your winning chances. 

To limit your chances of losing in baccarat, it is recommended to wager on the banker’s hand most often, limit stakes per game, take advantage of bonuses, and set a schedule for your gambling activities. 

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