Flat Betting as an Effective Bankroll Management System


One of the mistakes most bettors commit is betting recklessly, disregarding the limits of just how much money they can bet. This most often results in significant losses as they chase their losses only to lose more money through Singapore online sports betting. That is why the importance of bankroll management is highly stressed to avoid committing such mistakes. The easiest way to manage your bankroll is to bet within your means or set a limit to how much you can afford to stake. Other than that, there are more specific bankroll management systems and techniques such as Flat betting.

What is Flat Betting?

Flat betting is an effective betting strategy that enables bettors to manage their bankrolls systematically and efficiently. Flat betting, also called fixed betting’s basic principle is staking on a fixed amount of stake, the same amount on each bet for a pre-defined period which can be months or even a year. This fixed amount will only be a percentage of a bettor’s bankroll.

For instance, say a bettor has $1000 on a bankroll, and the fixed bet amount is one percent of the bankroll, which is $10. The amount of stake will stay the same for a month. After a month, the bettor made, say, 50 stakes using 1% of the bankroll every bet and got a profit of $100. Now the bettor has $1,100 on a bankroll. Then the new stake amount will be 1% of $1,100 which is $11.

The suggested percentage of a bettor’s payroll may vary from 1 to 5%. Any bettors new to this kind of betting strategy can start from 1% since it’s a good option for beginners. As their experience grows and they have grasped the dynamics of the strategy, only then can they raise the stakes.

Flat Betting Types 

Static flat betting – The safest type of flat betting. The stake amount is typically 1% of the bankroll, and it doesn’t change for an extended period of time. 

Academic flat betting – Also called expert flat betting. This type is the most popular among bettors. The amount of stake varies from 1% to 3% of the bankroll, depending on some factors. One bettor’s confidence in the odds. Two, the bettor’s knowledge of the specific sport they are betting. Lastly, considering the success rate of the bet, in case of a series of losses, the bets will be lowered.

Aggressive flat betting – Compared to the previous flat betting types,  aggressive flat betting can be riskier. A bettor stakes 2-3% of the bankroll and will not lower the percentage even when experiencing losing streaks. The very reason why it is regarded as risky. 

Chaotic flat betting – Chaotic flat betting is when a bettor without a clear understanding of what flat betting is stakes a high percentage of bankroll per bet. Bettors start staking 10-20% of the bankroll, which can lead to successful profits or huge losses. This strategy is also one of the riskiest among the rest.

Flat Betting Basic Rules

The amount of bets stays the same for a specific period of time and may vary between 1-5% of the total bankroll. The safest is 1% and the average suggested is 2 or 3%. 

Recalculate the amount of bets if the bankroll has increased after a specific period of time. Bettors may recalculate the stake while staying at the same percentage. These periods, or can be called periods, may vary from a month to a yearlong. 

Similar odds should be looked out for. The odds for equally likely event should be at least 1.9. this applies to football (totals and handicap), tennis, and other sports. Bettors can find many options through line shopping. Some recommend lower odds. However, it might not be as effective. For instance, the success rate of 1.6 is 100/1.6= 62% which is an extremely high possibility.

Bettors often ignore the bookmakers with better odds for two likely events as a good factor. It is also very important to look for an online sportsbook in Singapore and Malaysia with a minimum commission rate. But still, beware of shady sportsbooks with very low commission rates just to attract customers. 

One of the essential factors in flat betting is the number of bets. As it grows in numbers, the necessary win rate gets lower. For instance, say a bettor made ten $150 stakes with 1.9 odds, and the bettor won six of them. The bettor’s profit will be: 6*1.9*150 – 10*150= 210 dollars. And the win rate is up to 60%. Another bettor had 100 stakes with the same betting odds and managed to win 57 of them. The bettor’s profit should be: 57*1.9*150 – 100*150= 1245 dollars. The win rate is up to 57%, which is relatively lower than the first bettor. The second bettor also made a higher profit, which is why bettors try to make more bets.

Flat Betting in Football

As mentioned above in the basic rule number three, it can be said that flat betting on football can be more profitable for bets with two outcomes, such as Double Chance and Over/Under bet. Provided that it has similar odds. Let us look at an example from Singapore Pools. 

Example: Jerv vs Hamarkameratene

image 4
image 4

Over: (2.5) – 1.83 Under: (2.5) – 1.83          

To get a positive return of income ROI and profit, bettors need to look for a lot of similar odds. It will depend on their ability to search for similar odds or predict it. Using this example, if a bettor wins 100/1.83= 54.64% of all the bets, the bettor will have a positive ROI and a good profit. If we are to consider that in some cases, bookies set the odds at 1.9, the lowest, when they see the chances of teams being equal, the bettor will still win at the success rate of 100/1.9= 52%

Advantages of Flat Betting

Due to its simplicity and clarity, even beginners can use this strategy as a bankroll system and profit with enough time and practice. Flat betting is also known to be flexible as it can be integrated with other betting strategies to make it more efficient and effective. This betting technique opens a possibility of profit while being certain of the success rate and promotes discipline and control for bettors. Flat betting can be used as a systematic bankroll management method to encourage practice of strategy in betting.

However, just like any other betting techniques, flat betting has its own downsides. Such as slow capital growth which is a natural characteristic of flat betting. Even though, it can instead be viewed as a slow and steady procedure. If you want a big instant win, then this strategy is not for you.

Adding the fact that to take profit from this strategy, a 50%-win rate or higher must be present. On the other hand, if a bettor cannot risk a 50:50 chance, they will most likely lose using other strategies.


The flat betting strategy is an effective financial strategy that enables bettors to manage their bankrolls systematically and easily. Flat betting’s basic principle is staking on a fixed amount. Bettors are to stake the same amount on each bet for a pre-defined period. There are four types. They are static, academic, aggressive, and chaotic, with different uses. Since it requires similar odds and a 50% higher success rate to be effective, football betting is a perfect sports bet. Especially football betting markets with two possible outcomes: totals over/under and handicap. This strategy is suitable for all, even for beginners. 

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