Different Types of Bets in Dog Racing Betting


Dog racing offers more than just exhilarating competition. It also presents dog racing punters and bettors alike with a strategic opportunity to use their knowledge and take calculated risks for potential rewards.

There are a multitude of betting options available – from simple ones for beginners to more complex bets for experienced bettors. While traditional track betting already offers a good variety of betting markets, online bookmakers have expanded the possibilities, offering even more choices to bettors to enhance their overall betting experience.

However, with so many betting options for dog racing in Singapore, it can be daunting to navigate the betting landscape, especially for newcomers. Fortunately, there are different ways to approach dog racing betting strategically. One way is to understand each betting option. This knowledge will equip you to approach dog racing wagers with a strategic mindset.

Dog racing bets are often split into three categories: common bets, exotic bets, and multi-race bets.

Common Bets

Common bets are the foundation of dog racing betting, offering a straightforward approach to wagering on a single dog. These bets are perfect for beginners because they are easy to understand and involve less risk. Here are the common bets in dog racing betting:

· Win Bets are the most straightforward and popular bets placed in dog racing betting events. Here, you simply select the dog you believe will win the first placement in the race. If your chosen dog wins, you win the bet.

· Place Bets offer a lower payout than a win bet but come with a higher chance of winning. Here, you must wager on a dog to finish either first or second in the race.

· Show Bets further broaden your chances of winning in dog racing betting. In this bet, your chosen dog needs to place first, second, or third in the race for you to win. As show bets cover three potential outcomes; the payout for this bet is naturally lower than that of win and place bets.

· Across the Board is a type of bet that combines the three bets mentioned above to essentially cover all bases. It guarantees a return if your chosen dog places within the top three, but the overall payout is typically lower than placing separate bets.

· Each Way Bet is a bet consisting of a combination of a win and place bet. If your chosen race dog wins, you collect winnings from both the win and place bets. Conversely, if your chosen dog places second, you only collect the winnings from the place bet.

Exotic Bets

Exotic bets offer the potential for much larger payouts but come with a corresponding increase in difficulty. These involve predicting the finishing order of multiple race dogs in a single race.

· Exacta Bets involves correctly predicting which two dogs will finish first (winner) and second (runner-up) in the exact order. These bets are popular among many dog racing bettors, particularly when there is a short-priced runner—a dog expected to have a high chance of winning the race.

There are a couple of variations to the standard exacta that punters can also choose from:

o Boxed Exacta expands your chances of winning by enabling you to choose a wider range of possibilities. This involves selecting two dogs and covering all possible combinations where they finish first and second in either order. A boxed exacta bet can cost more than a standard exacta bet but increases your winning chances.

o Banker Exacta involves choosing one dog as your “banker” (a dog you are sure will win) and another to finish second. If your banker wins and your other selection finishes second, you win the bet.

· Quinella Bets (also called reverse forecast bets) are quite similar to exacta bets. It involves predicting the first two dogs to finish in the first and second placement, but the order does not matter. The bet pays out as long as your selections snag the top two placements.

Here are some of the most popular types of quinella when betting on dog racing events:

o Boxed Quinella allows you to choose more than two dogs, with any of your selections to finish first and second in the race. In this bet type, you can include as many race dogs as you like; however, keep in mind that the more runners you choose, the more expensive the bet becomes.

o Standout Quinella involves selecting one dog as your “standout” (a runner you are confident will win either of the top two spots) and choosing another dog to place in the other top spots. If your standout finishes in the top two and your other selection grabs the other top spot, your bet pays out.

· Trifecta Bets offer a significantly higher payout compared to exacta or quinella bets. However, these are difficult to win. In this bet type, you need to predict the exact order of the top three finishers.

Below are some of the most popular trifecta bet types you can place when betting on dog racing events.

o Boxed Trifecta is similar to boxed exacta and quinella bets. It allows and covers any permutation of your three race dog selections to finish first, second, and third.

o Trifecta Key Bet involves choosing one particular race dog as your “key” (a dog you are confident will win the race) and two other dogs to finish in the top 2 and 3 positions in any order. If your key race dog wins and your other selections grab the 2nd and 3rd placements, you win.

· Superfecta Bets involve correctly predicting the first four race dogs to finish the race and earn their placements in the exact order. Like a trifecta bet, a superfecta bet offers a significant payout but is difficult to win.

Aside from the straight superfecta bet, boxed superfecta and superfecta key bets are two other variations that allow you to cover more possibilities and get a better shot at earning a payout.

Here are more advanced superfecta variations you can also explore:

o Superfecta Full Wheel Bet is an all-encompassing wager. Here, you pick one dog to win and then select three runners to fill the other positions (2nd, 3rd, and 4th). A superfecta full wheel bet guarantees a win if any of your chosen race dogs grab those spots, regardless of the order they finish in second, third, and fourth.

o Superfecta Part Wheel Bet offers more flexibility and is typically cheaper than a full wheel bet. It involves selecting one dog for first place and then choosing multiple dogs specifically for second, third, and/or fourth place. This way, you can cover more possibilities without going all-in on every combination.

Multi-race Bets

Multi-race Bets encompass a wider range of races, typically from the same day or meeting. These bets can test your ability to predict winners across a larger scale.

· Daily Double Bet involves choosing the winners of two races in a row.

· Pick 3 involves correctly predicting the winners of three specific races.

· Pick 4 requires you to predict the winners of four designated races.

· Pick 5 is a challenging bet where you forecast the winners of five predetermined races.

· Pick 6 is the ultimate multi-race challenge requiring you to predict the winners of six designated races.

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