Debunking Common Myths in Football Betting


Football betting has become progressively mainstream following the sport’s increasing popularity and abundance of tournaments worldwide. Still, the risks and misconceptions associated with the activity have held back many people from betting on football, with some losing considerable amounts of their money.

As with any other type of gambling activity, Singapore football betting is an inherently risky activity. Nevertheless, there are ways to reduce these risks, such as leveraging effective strategies, sticking to a specific bankroll, and employing the best betting practices.

One of the best betting practices you can do is clear out misconceptions. It can help you understand the possible dangers of mistaken beliefs and the truths behind them. Debunking these myths can also enable you to make more informed and successful bets.

Below are among the common myths you need to be aware of to improve your overall football betting experience:

MYTH: Always bet on favourites.

FACT: It is still quite tricky to predict when favourites are bound to win and when they are not.

One of the main reasons favourites are called as such is because they are perceived to be favoured by the public. They are seen as the stronger team in terms of performance or statistics compared to their opponent.

Although favourites do win most of the time, blindly wagering on them will not provide you with a guaranteed win. You should consider value more than popularity when betting on football matches.

Betting on favourites without further consideration often results in unfavourable risk and reward ratios. Conversely, you should carefully analyse the odds to make informed bets and enhance your chances of winning. Singapore football odds are influenced by various factors, such as player and team history and dynamics, weather, injuries, and even betting actions per side.

MYTH: Betting on high odds will make you more profitable.

FACT: Betting on high odds or long-shot bets can occasionally pay off, but this is not the most reliable strategy for consistent and long-term profits.

Wagering on high odds can be extra thrilling due to the bigger payouts they offer; however, it is also worth noting that the higher the odds, the less likely your bet is to win. This means that your bankroll could quickly deplete in the event of a losing streak.

The best approach to football betting is to make more conservative wagers. Strike a balance between seeking value in high-odds bets and making informed, lower-risk decisions based on careful analysis of certain factors that influence the odds.

MYTH: A team that needs a win will win.

FACT: It may seem like a sure thing that a football team chasing a promotion or a chance to compete in a global tournament the following year wins a match or a series; however, this is not a reliable basis when engaging in football betting.

The misperception of teams winning in “must-win” games is based on two beliefs:

  • the team who needs a win will be more motivated to exert effort to win; and,
  • the pressure brought upon by a team’s current situation can produce better results for the team.

Betting solely on a specific team because they are in dire need of a victory can be a recipe for disaster, particularly when statistics are pointing in a different direction. You should consider reviewing the team’s past performances, player and team dynamics, as well as match-related contextual variables (i.e., match location and opponent standard). These can play a significant role in the game’s outcome and can enable you to weigh whether a team is likely to win.

MYTH: Betting towards the end of the season is a profitable betting strategy.

FACT: Late-season matches are highly competitive and emotionally charged, but they are not necessarily more predictable and profitable compared to earlier scheduled games.

The key to a successful football betting journey is not about when you place your bets but more about how well you assess the factors that influence the odds of matches. A thorough consideration of the form of teams, their motivation, performance statistics, and injuries can lead to a more informed betting decision.

Moreover, placing bets based on research and analysis can help circumvent bookmakers’ tactics of adjusting odds and prices in late-season matches. Bookmakers are well aware that many bettors engage in football betting by relying on season-specific timing. Hence, they use this opportunity to price teams in dire need of a win much shorter than they would normally value during the early matches in the season.  

MYTH: You are due for a win after experiencing consecutive losses.

FACT: Each bet you make is independent of the last; thus, the results of your previous wagers will not dictate your future outcomes.

Football betting is not a linear process where prospective wins balance your losses. It is possible to experience a losing or winning streak purely due to chance. Consequently, continuing to wager on football matches—thinking a significant payout is just around the corner—can lead to financial setbacks.

When betting on football, or any sport at that, it is crucial to remember that chasing losses is not the best way to regain your money and rebuild your bankroll. Instead, you should stay disciplined with your betting activities and employ the best betting practices.

MYTH: You can always trust the predictions of media experts.

FACT: While many football bettors turn to media experts for their insights and predictions for a certain match or season, it is crucial not to blindly rely on their opinions. You must also research and develop your own understanding of the playing teams, their current form and performance, and other statistical data for a more informed betting decision.

Experts indeed possess deep knowledge of the game and have their statements backed by data, but they are not gods. Their predictions, even with a basis from statistical analysis and team dynamics, among other factors, are still subjective and may be prone to errors.

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