Best Ways to Win Horse Racing Bets


Horse racing is a popular sport for online gambling in Singapore and many countries worldwide. Because of its popularity, more and more rookie bettors are trying their best to win in this lucrative betting industry. This means that there’s a need to provide guidance on how to place bets on horses and win. 

Horse racing is a popular sport that allows people to win money and enjoy the thrill of the race. Horse racing betting has the best part where a bettor can win if they bet on the right horse out of many horses that can beat the odds and have excellent chances of winning. 

A racetrack is full of horses, which means there’s more competition for winning than in other sports. Because of that, the chances of winning can be extremely slim. Fortunately, there are strategies bettors can use to win their favourite sport in online betting for real money. These valuable tips will help horse race bettors have bigger chances of winning horse racing bets.

Do Extensive Research

Although it might seem like a no-brainer and repetitive advice, researching before placing any bets is better than betting blindly. Bettors should bet on a horse not just based on its physical appearance but also based on its recent performances, training history, and health condition.

Researching each horse’s vital information will give bettors valuable insight into recently injured horses and well-performing ones. It will also reveal each horse’s jockey, trainer, and owner, which are also factors that impact their performance during a race. These pieces of information help bettors formulate educated guesses and improve their chance of winning bets. 

Understand the Different Types of Horse Racing Bets

Like any sports bet, horse racing betting also has many different bet types for every bettor to enjoy. However, there’s no one size fits all bet type. It means learning about the various kinds of bets available and how they work is essential. Horse race type of bets includes standard, exotic, and multi-race bets.

Knowing which bet types as well as the odds, payouts and risk associated with each enables bettors to gauge which one is the best bet to place for their level. 

Have the Best Odds

Getting the best possible Singapore Horse racing odds offered among sportsbooks is an excellent strategy when betting on horse races. The odds determine how much a bettor can get if their horse finishes first or wins a particular bet.

There are several ways on how bettors can maximise their odds of winning. They can start by looking at online betting sites and sportsbooks offering horse racing bets. This will enable them to compare odds and determine the best one to bet on. Furthermore, they can also bet on multiple horses, on different sportsbooks and betting sites, at the same race to increase their odds of winning.

Utilise Bankroll Management System

Another vital component any horse racing bettor should have is bankroll management. This refers to the amount of money a bettor is ready to spend on each horse race, regardless of winning or losing. This means that the money in the bankroll should be one that they are prepared to lose. It is essential to set a fixed amount to bet on each horse race and to stick to it.

It is a good measure to follow the rule of thumb to only place one to two per cent of the bankroll in any race. This is so that even if bettors lose a few bets, it will allow them to stay in the game. With proper bankroll management, bettors can have enough chances to win bets.

Bet On the Right Races

When betting on horse racing, every rookie bettor’s most common mistake is choosing too tricky races. Although it might be tempting to pick the winner of the big races since it offers better odds, it is better to concentrate on the smaller races.

Rookie bettors will likely lose bets in big races because many horses compete in them. With that many horse lineups, it can be difficult to predict any possibilities accurately. That is why it is better to concentrate on smaller races with fewer horses. This will give bettors a shorter time for research and a better chance of picking a winner.

Stick With Effective Strategy

Like sports betting in general, horse-racing betting is a form of gambling that requires a strategy. Bettors need to know their goals, what they are willing and able to risk, the types of bets they will place, and how they will effectively increase their chances of winning.

Although it can be tempting to alter a strategy in the middle of a game, it is better to keep sticking with the game plan and be systematic. However, if the strategy isn’t working, bettors might need to look where the strategy is causing failure and reconsider it.

 Learn When to Call It a Day

Another common mistake that most rookies commit is chasing losses. Even though bettors may lose money, it can be tempting not to stop betting on horse races. It is vital to know when it is time to quit. Bettors might want to stop horse racing betting if they are losing money consistently.

It is impossible for bettors to just throw money at the losing problem and hope they will eventually win. To avoid such happening, they must be careful with their wagers to limit the amount of losses. Chasing losses will only lead to more losses.


Horse racing betting is a fun and exciting gambling practice enjoyed worldwide. It promises profit for bettors who know what they are doing. Just like with any other form of sports betting, understanding and sufficient knowledge and effective strategy are needed to increase the chances of winning bets. Following these vital tips above will surely set off any rookie bettor to a good start. Just keep in mind that investment in time and money is needed to pull this off.

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