6 Reasons Why People are Losing When Betting on Horse Races


Punters have continually engaged in Singapore horse racing and betting. It is considered a pleasant pastime that allows them to relax and make money.

But bettors should not just focus on the benefits they could reap from horse race betting. They must also acknowledge that when they partake in this equestrian sport betting. Punters have as much chance of losing as they are winning.

Betting on horse races is generally a tough activity for anyone, and many bettors are not consistently profitable with their horse race betting activities. Many lose because they do not adequately determine what to consider when betting. Here are some of what bettors fail to account for when betting on horse races:

They Bet Without Preparation

Betting without preparation is among the common practices that keep people from losing when horse race betting. This has been a sight at live racetracks, with most people choosing horses by name, picking a lucky number, or looking at the tote board.

While engaging in betting activities may sometimes require intuition or luck, bettors wanting to make money in horse race betting should also base their bets on data.

Punters must ensure they have all the information they need on a race, such as the race participants and their previous speed figures, performance, and race standings. Preparing these data can help them make informed betting decisions, increasing their chances of winning.

They Bet on Too Many Races

Many bettors are of the mind to earn a significant profit in a single day of horse race betting. This leads them to bet on every race offered, even when the chances of winning are low, resulting in more losses than wins.

Not all horse races are great betting opportunities for all bettors. They should avoid wagering on a race just because it is available. It is vital for bettors to consider whether the race has good odds and if they have enough knowledge and information related to the race itself or the racehorses participating in it.

Betting only on races that match their interests, knowledge, and budget can enable bettors to make informed betting decisions and increase their odds of winning.

They Do Not Evaluate Jockeys

Not evaluating the role of the jockey is among the reasons why bettors lose when wagering. While it is true that racehorses do much of the work in a race, the jockeys also play a vital role in the results.

Jockeys are a core element in a racehorse’s success. They are trained to boost their horse’s performance while considering the racehorse’s behaviours, characteristics, pace, and track conditions.

Although the primary focus for bettors is the horses, they should still consider looking for the best jockeys when making a betting decision. When evaluating jockeys, bettors should look at their career statistics, particularly their recent stats, to determine how they are fairing in races over the previous month or year.

They Give Heavy Consideration to Speed

Speed is among the most important statistic in horse races. However, this should not be the only thing bettors should focus on.

Racehorses run differently under different circumstances, such as racetrack surfaces, speed to certain points, and starting gate assignments. For example, horse A runs fastest on dirt while horse B might run fastest on turf. Horse C may begin at a slow speed and run fast when it reaches a certain point on the track, while horse D starts at a fast speed and slows down as it nears the finish line.

This implies that for bettors to have a realistic chance at winning their bets, they should consider factors other than the speed that may affect a horse’s result in a race, including:

  • weather;
  • track surface;
  • trainer;
  • jockey;
  • track length;
  • length of time between starts;
  • post position; and,
  • bloodlines.

They Often Get Convinced by a Racing Tout

Most punters share their experience, knowledge, and database about sports they are interested in—bettors can leverage them to make informed betting decisions. However, before definitely listening to one, bettors need to be certain the betting tipster has a long and profitable betting history.

Not all betting tipsters are the same. While some speculators share information based on their data and experience, others give pieces of betting advice that are sometimes exaggerated speculations and even false claims. At racetracks, there would be racing touts who would gladly share their information or gathered “hot tips” on a horse or the race, often for free.

Although a piece of free advice may sound like a good thing to take while punters make betting decisions, information from racing touts is wrong almost all the time. This can lead them to lose more of their bets.

Therefore, it is wiser for bettors not to listen to them and seek racing information from a trustworthy betting tipster, even if it may cost some bucks. Paying a fee for quality tips from top tipsters is a hundred times better than acquiring information from racing touts.

They Do Not Leverage Horse Race Betting Systems

Not employing betting strategies is another reason why people keep losing in horse race betting.

Making use only of their knowledge of the basics of horse racing only gives them a slight edge among novices. Conversely, making use of effective strategies can increase their chances of winning.

Using a horse race betting system is among the most effective betting strategies. Different horse race betting systems have particular betting practices that bettors can employ when partaking in horse race betting events. These can guide them on how to strategically place their wagers, focus on a specific bet type/s, as well as determine the right staking plan.

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