2024 Australian Open: What You Need to Know


Online sportsbook betting Singapore has become a popular way to gain profit while having fun. It provides lucrative and exciting betting opportunities to place bets on various sports, such as tennis.

One of the most anticipated events by tennis enthusiasts worldwide is the first Grand Slam of 2024. Melbourne Park will be the host to the best players in the tennis field in the Australian Open, which will be held from January 14, 2024, until January 28, 2024.

What is the Australian Open?

The 2024 Australian Open is the first tennis Grand Slam of the year, which kicks off the world’s competitive tennis tournament in January. This is one of the four Grand Slam tournaments, which are known as the top prizes in professional tennis.

The winner of the Australian Open takes home 2,000 ranking points, which is a significant haul. The Australian Open brings the best of the best players to battle out on the blue and green courts in men’s and women’s singles, doubles, junior’s, and wheelchair championships.

Who Will Be Participating in the 2024 Australian Open?

For bettors looking forward to the Singapore Pools live odds, here are some of the players who are anticipated to participate in the 2024 Australian Open:

Men’s 2024 Australian Open

Defending champion Novak Djokovic continued his good run in 2023 with 11.245 points. The Serbian tennis player is considered one of the favourites in the 2024 Australian Open as he has commendable performances—he won three out of four Grand Slam tournaments.

Carlos Alcaraz is also considered a favourite in this year’s first Grand Slam as he stopped Djokovic from getting a clean sweep with his win at Wimbledon.

Other favourites in the men’s category for this year’s grand slam at Rod Laver Arena include Daniil Medvedev, who is Russia’s contender who dispatched Alcarez in the 2023 US Open. Jannik Sinner is another favourite in the men’s category as he is eagerly vying for his first Grand Slam win.

Even with the injury, many still anticipate how and whether Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal will bounce back on the field.  

Australian player Nick Kyrgios is also a favourite in the men’s category with his impressive run in the Wimbledon final.  

Women’s Australian Open

In the women’s draw, defending champion Aryna Sabalenka is one of the favourites as she is anticipated to defend her title. Meanwhile, the favourite to win this year is Polish tennis player Iga Swiatek, who has four majors under her belt. Three of the Majors she won were at the French Open, while she won one at the US Open.

One of the players to watch out for in the 2024 Australian Open is Danish tennis player Caroline Wozniacki. Wozniacki transitioned from a junior player to a professional player back in 2008, wherein she reached the third round in the Australian Open, French Open, and Wimbledon.


Different Factors to Consider When Placing Bets in the Australian Open

Current Form

One of the factors that bettors should know when making wagers in the Australian Open is the current form of the players. Knowing this is mandatory whether you are betting on selections for the fourth round of a match or determining the possibility of the defending champion winning the game. You can gain insight into the current form of the players by looking at the results of their past five games.

Players More Suited to the Playing Surface

Before placing wagers, it is crucial to confirm whether the player is more suited to the surface, which is the cushion acrylic hard surface. You can familiarise yourself with the players’ preferences and their performance on different surfaces such as grass, clay, and hard courts. Placing bets on players with a strong performance on a particular surface can be useful in making informed betting decisions.

Head-to-Head Comparison

It is also helpful to make a head-to-head comparison of the Australian Open players. This can be done with a point-by-point analysis of each set and game that the players have played against each other. You can also check which player has the most matches and whether they can win the game again.

Player Status

Gathering information on player injuries in the past can help you determine how it can affect players’ performance in upcoming matches. You must also take note of the players’ condition, which may affect their concentration and performance on the court.

Types of Tennis Betting Markets

The best tennis betting sites have a multitude of betting markets that you can explore. The bigger the tournament, the more options are available. For the fullest range, look out for the majors with the biggest coverage and some interesting prop bets.

Outright Winner

The outright winner market refers to accurately predicting the player to win the entire tournament or championship. Rather than wagering on individual match outcomes, you choose a player that will most likely emerge as the overall winner in the tournament.

This betting market requires a long-term perspective, which is typically available before a tournament begins and until a certain stage. The odds for the outright winner betting market may vary based on a player’s current form, rankings, past performance, and the competitiveness of the tournament.

Match Betting

Match betting involves placing bets on the winner of each match. This betting market is among the most common bets in tennis, as there are dozens of games held daily. In tennis, there can be matches wherein the odds are heavily in favour of one of the players, especially in the early rounds, and bettors must work hard to find value in these bets.

Set Betting

Set betting requires you to predict the tennis match’s final score in terms of sets and the correct results. The bet must be the same in the scoreline to win.

This betting market provides more specific betting options, which allows you to capitalise on information about the player’s strengths, weaknesses, and performance in different sets. The odds in set betting are comparably higher than match betting due to its increased complexity and the accuracy needed in predicting the specified set outcomes.


Betting on the 2024 Australian Open can open vast opportunities for tennis betting. Placing wagers on one of the most anticipated tennis events at the start of the year allows you to experience the thrill of earning money while watching exciting tennis matches.

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